Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes It's Good to be a Lawyer

I was running late on my way to work today, so I was speeding. Ok Ok. I would have been speeding anyway. I got pulled over, and I couldn't find my license. The cop noticed my bar card in my wallet while I was looking for my license and told me that he doesn't ticket attorneys. Yay!! But he told me I need to take someone out to lunch to "pay it forward." Works for me. Much cheaper than a ticket on several levels.

What I Wore While Not Getting a Speeding Ticket:

  • brown tulip skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • white shortsleeve blouse w/ brown dots (Style&Co.)
  • camel cardigan (Kathie Lee - thrifted)
  • brown suede pumps
  • brown/red stone/crystal earrings & necklace (gift)
  • tan snakeskin tote (Old Navy)
  • brown tigerseye hair stick - holding my ponytail flipped up for a different look (?)
What I Ate While Enjoying Side Perks of Being a Attorney:

Kroger was out of steel cut oats in the bulk section and I refuse to pay $5-7 dollars for a box or can of them when I get them in bulk for $2. So I decided to experiment with quinoa. And I was inspired by KathEatsRealFood to add some treats into my breakfast bowl as long as I stayed in my calorie range. The result was very tasty and quite filling, although I think Rand would have preferred I not cook quinoa again since it "stunk the place up and it's too cold to open the doors."
  • breakfast: 1 serving quinoa, 2 T Better'n Peanut Butter, 1 T dark chocolate raisinettes, 3/4 c strawberries
  • lunch: open faced sandwich with turkey buddig, string cheese, & cauliflower/potato mash, 1 celery stalk
  • snacks: 1 SoyJoy, 2 cuties
  • dinner: 3 slices butternut squash pizza (this was rather odd), side salad, 1 bottle of Wild Blue lager
  • dessert: no calories left :(

Total for the Day: 1806 calorie, 6 glasses water

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