Monday, March 16, 2009

Fat Girl Yoga & Time to Go to the Grocery


I decided that needed to break out the HeavyWeight Yoga DVD that I purchased off Amazon over a month ago. I found out about it while reading the Amazing Adventures of DietGirl blog. Her blog is so funny and inspiring that I went back and read the entire thing from the start forward. She said that she liked thi DVD, and I trusted her (amazing how that happens just from reading someone's blog) so I picked it up. And it's sat in my DVD drawer ever since. Well no longer!

I had high hopes since this DVD was presented as a good option for people who may not be able to get into all the positions due to a lack of flexibility or b/c they have a queso baby in the way. Check check! Must be perfect for me.

I didn't want to do a full hour of yoga, so after I watched the introduction I selected the short option, which was 35 minutes. was just a warm up and cool down. No actual poses. the cooldown was highly annoying - sitting cross legged and "centered" while images of waterflowers and ponds migrated across the TV and ocean sounds played. That was really odd BTW - looking at a pond and hearing the ocean waves.

Anyway, the warm up stretches were nice and she definitely told you how to deal with the queso baby and added modifications for lack of flexibility. I'll have to do the full workout with the poses before I can render a full opinion. Right now I am mixed about it.

What I Ate on a Lazy Sunday w/ No Food in the House:

We didn't have any fruit or veggies left in the house, so I had to make do with what we did have. So no fruit with breakfast, random leftover frozen veggies with lunch, and no fresh veggies at dinner. Sadly that made the dinner look very brown, even though it's still a healthy meal with grilled fish, healthy corn fritters, and whole grain bread. It's just missing the brocolli. Damn.

  • breakfast: Fiber One pancake w/ oats, topped with Better'n Peanut Butter mixed withlow cal syrup. yummy and full of fiber and protein!!
  • lunch: 2 slices low cal bread topped with: 2 oz steak, 1 c. mashed cauliflower & potatoes, 1/4 c.fat free shredded cheese, and a side of frozen veggies. This was so filling!
  • snacks: 1 SoyJoy
  • dinner: 5oz lime grilled tilapia, 6 WW corn fritters, 1 whole grain roll

Total for the Day: 1302 calories, 5 glasses of water, 30 minutes yoga, 15 minute neighborhood walk

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