Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for a Twist

I started off the morning by oversleeping, but I refused to let that be an excuse to not work out like I had planned. Since I really did not have time to do a 30 minute video, I pulled out a really old workout DVD that a bunch of 10 minute workouts on it, and did 10 minutes of "ballet." I probably only burned 50 calories, if that, but at least it helps to create a morning routine.

What I Wore While Training on a New Case:

We had training on a new case at work today, so had to be pretty conservative today. I will say I think that my hair was a beautiful coil today. Since it was completely wet when I put it up at 8 this morning, it was still wet when I took it down at 6:30 pm. And what is up with it looking so shiny? That is an illusion, esp since I still need a haircut!
  • brown heathered cuffed slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • orange emroidered blouse (Apt 9)
  • leopard pony hair belt (Target)
  • brown suede pumps (Quipid)
  • gold tone earrings (? Lane Bryant?)
  • bamboo chopstick (World Market)

What I Ate While Nursing a Headache:

If you haven't noticed, I eat the same breakfast, lunch, and snack for an entire week. I just make them all in advance on Sunday (like how I pick out all my outfits for the week on Sunday) so it's faster in the mornings. So really there's no need to list it every day. I'll just post it on Sunday or Monday, and if I eat something diferent during the week, I'll post that.

breakfast for the week:
  • steel cut oatmeal w/ sliced almonds, dried blueberries, unsweetened coconut & ground flax (inspired by KERF)
  • strawberries

lunch for the week:

  • Buddig chicken sandwich
  • 10 pretzel rods
  • 2 cuties

Total for the Day: 1785 calories, 6 glasses of water, 10 minutes of exercise

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Stacy said...

Love this outfit! You look great and I totally love your hair like that. You're my pretty sister!!!