Saturday, March 21, 2009

Week 4 Weigh In & Goals

I just don't know what to say. I pulsed up 1/2 lb the day after my weigh in last week and I just stayed there all week. I know I went over my calories on Thursday, but I never went down, even before that. I am frustrated. I don't deal well with negative reinforcement. Some people see an increase and just buckle down harder. But staying flat or putting on weight just makes me think "Why do I bother? Let's go eat chocolate and fritos in an endless cycle."

Starting Weight: 230.5 lbs
Week 1: 226.5 lbs
Week 2: 228.0 lbs
Week 3: 224.5 lbs
Week 4: 225.0 lbs

Change for the Week: +0.5 lbs

Total Change: -5.5 lbs

Week 4 Goals:


  • 1800 calories/day - 5 out of 6 days
  • 6 glasses water/day - YES
  • eat at least 1 healthy meal on splurge day - YES


  • workout 2x this week - YES: 1 hr of yoga, 2.13 miles of walking
  • one workout should involve sweat! - YES
  • walking to bar/restaurant does not count as exercise this week - YES


  • get a hair cut - generally this category has been the easiest for me to stay on top of, b/c I like it, but I seem to have problems getting my butt to a salon. Part of the problem is that I don't have a stylist anymore, so I need to find a new place. I trie to call for an appointment yesterday but the salon a friend recommended was already closed for the day and isn't open on Sunday. I've never heard of a salon not being open on Sunday. I guess my stringy locks will have to wait a little while longer. I'll call again on Monday.

Week 5 Goals:

the same as week 4

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Sheila said...

It is totally frustrating when you know you've done everything right and you don't lose or you gain a little bit. Don't get discouraged! Think about how much you might have gained if you hadn't been eating healthy and exercising!

Lots of things can affect your weight: how much salt you've had (a biggie), when your last *ahem* movement was :P, time of the month. The big picture is to take it one day at a time. I've been a Weight Watchers lifetime member for almost 2 years (I lost 60 pounds), and I still struggle with that voice in my head every day. I do know what it's like.