Thursday, April 16, 2009

Annoying Pink Shirt

There is a building of high rise lofts across from my office building and this one window has a small pink T-shirt stuck to the window. It's been there for at least a year. It drives me crazy. Why is it there? To block the sun? Privacy? (although we're on the 17th floor, so it's unlikely to be needed after business hours.) To prevent glare from the sun? Is there anything on the front? It looks tiny - is it a child's T? And why would there be a kid living there? I used to live downtown and I've never seen a child anywhere down here. ACK!! It's taunting me!!

What I Wore While Staring at a Pink Shirt Out the Window:

Today was another winner of an outfit as far as Rand is concerned. I got an unsolicited "You look hot. Aside from the pink skirt outfit, this is my favorite so far. Seriously, you look hot." Nothing like a little flattery to start your day off, right? While I don't dress "for Rand" it is important to me that he knows that I put effort into my appearance not only for me, but also because I want to look nice for him. I have a tendency to come home and immediately change into my comfy pants. Recently, I've tried to stop doing that b/c I think it shows that I am not taking him for granted. And he seems to appreciate that.
  • brown/camel/white/blue abstract print wrap dress (NY&Co.)
  • blue short sleeve blouse (Old Navy)
  • bug ring (Dots)
  • brown tweed kitten heels (Merona)
  • taupe faux pearl necklaces (thrifted, local charity shop)
  • faux pearl/gold tone stud earrings (Xmas gift from grandparents many years ago)
  • goldtone starburst brooch (thirfted - it's hidden in the tie of my belt)

What I Ate While Wishing My Jaw Wasn't Still Sore From the Dentist:

  • 3.5 oz of meatloaf made with longhorn beef (from our family ranch) and low cal bread crumbs
  • 2 T ketchup
  • 1 c. roasted broccoli - this was super delish!
  • 1 cup of mashed potatoes made w/ russet potatoes, skim milk, garlic, and 1 T butter
  • dessert - fresh mango

Totals for the Day: 1691 calories, 20 minutes neighborhood walk


Rachael said...

Hmm. I always dress like a slob at home. My husband says he doesn't mind but you've given me some food for thought...

Charlotte Sometimes said...

That T-shirt wold drive me nuts!! All for the same reasons you listed!!

I try to dress nice even when I'm not going anywhere, partly for me but partly for my husband.
I figure he doesn't HAVE to be married to me so why should I have the right to make his eyes bleed by looking like a slob?
I was trying to dress well when we met and being married is no reason to stop. It always seems a shame with women that let themselves go just because they have kids and are married. (Ok, so I looked shit when my boys were little but they are twins and I was dpressed, so there!)
I don't bother with make up most of the time but I think maybe I should....although I was a non make-up wearer when we mwt so it's not really a dealbreaker.

Mariposa said...

i think guys appreciate the small things like that! my guy puts on sweats and a tee when he gets home from work though. so i kinda follow suit... BUT i make sure they are TIGHT and I have some cleavage going on with a little tank top! ive asked him if he minds me wearing sweats all the time at home, he says he doesnt care what i wear- as long as it comes off easily at the end of the night! BOYS!!!!!!

BTW- my "word verification" thing is SMAMA.. sexy mama! ; )

Happy Friday!

Work With What You've Got said...

"an unsolicited "You look hot."

That's the best kind!~

Oh my. I have been married almost 11 years, and I come straight home and change into my PJs. Maybe I should reconsider. But what would I wear? Do you leave on your work clothes or change into jeans? I have to get out of the work clothes as they are mostly black and my super sheddy dog is mostly white and fawn!~ But maybe I should change into jeans...

Tina said...

Let's see. If I'm wearing something that is easy to make a little more casual and comfortable I'll just make some minor modifcations and leave the basic outfit on. For example, if I've got a cotton skirt on, I might take off the heels, my jewelry, and swap out for a T-shirt, but leave the skirt on. Or I'll leave on my shirt and put on jeans with it.

Yesterday, I took off everything, then put the blue shirt back on with some khaki capris and flip flops. And let's be honest, there are still days when I put on PJs, but that's more of a winter thing for me too. It feels odd to be in my PJ when I'm sitting on the front porch having a glass of wine or dinner (we eat outside most nights right now.)

WWWYG - 11 years?? Wow! You don't look old enough to have been married that long! But then, I'm clearly a late starter - still not married and I'm 34. (but that should be changing soon)

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Yeah, I see the problem with shedding dogs.

My hubby works from home so he sees me all the time, otherwise I'd probably never get out of my PJ's at all!!!
I think changing part of the work clothes is a good compromise when you get home.
When I come home from the office (2 mornings/week) I generally shed things like heels and big belts and put on my big fluffy slippers. It makes for a peculiar look but I figure I look mostly nice! lol

Sher said...

The pink T son is cracking up over your write up. Actually we BOTH are :D

Kasmira said...

The bug ring is ADORABLE!

Lmac said...

Awesome print on the dress and I love how you belted your waist with it!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

You do look Hot today! I'm glad someone told you. You ALWAYS make me smile after reading your blog.