Friday, April 17, 2009

Guest Blogger - Stacy, Part III

Stacy is back for the third Friday this month and she's been shopping! Like many of the saavy, fashionable ladies in the blogosphere, she hit up Target for some inexpensive and lovely goodies. This bright pink wrap sweater was one of her new finds. I love it!

Without further ado, here's Stacy...

What I Wore While Nodding Off During A Meeting:

Sorry I look all in disarray. This photo was taken at the end of the day. I should have taken this photo with my umbrella because it just keeps raining here. It really is an accessory right now.Why won't it stop raining?!! Why?
  • Pink Wrap Sweater - Target
  • Smooth White Tank - Eddie Bauer
  • Pants - AB Studio via Kolhs
  • Striped socks - Eddie Bauer
  • Shoes - Clarks
  • Hoop Earrings - New York & Co.
  • Necklace - Target

Food Details:

I am following the WW points system and should be eating 29 points each day. If you do tha math, today I had 33 points. (Over by 4 points and if you look close, it's because of the cookies...darn!)

Breakfast - 4 pts

  • Yoplait light yogurt Banana Cream Pie - 2 pts
  • Nutrigrain Mixed Berry Bar - 2 pts

Lunch - 11 pts

  • Turkey Sandwich with fat free Miracle Whip and lettuce on wheat bread - 3 pts
  • 2 servings of Fat Free Pringles - 2 pts
  • 1 Golden Jonathan Apple - 2 pts
  • 3 mini Toll House chocolate chip cookies - 4 pts

Mid Day Snack - 4 pts

  • 1/2 cup of raisins and cherry Craisins

Dinner - 14 pts

  • 2 Chicken & Couscous Wraps - 14 points - made with tortillas, couscous, canned chicken, olive oil, sour cream and tomato.... NOM YUMMY!


Did I work out? Um....well....see..does yawning and stretching during a meeting count? No? Well, what about intentionally using the 2nd floor restroom 3 times so as to use the stairs? Maybe? I even parked way way way out and the end of the lot so as to walk as far as possible from the building to my car.... =)

Pathetic I know. =(

Well Stacy, I don't think that you are pathetic. I think we have all had days where our "exercise" was limited to reaching for the TV remote or walking to the kitchen to grab a snack. And while walking up the stairs to go to the bathroom on a different floor isn't going to make you skinny, I think it's always a good thing to do small little "tricks" rather than do nothing at all. And I happen to know that you rode your bike 34 miles over the weekend, so it looks like we just caught you on a non-exercise day.


Sher said...

Great outfit and your hair looks great too! Lovin those socks! Should get myself a pair :)

Lmac said...

Super cute outfit!!

Anonymous said...

right on for the eddie bauer sockings,very psychedelic jaja.