Monday, April 6, 2009

Broken Cars and Cameras

I had to take my car to the shop today to get the ignition switch replaced and the doors rekeyed. Yuck. But at least I will be able to start my car again soon! And my vehicle is 8 1/2 years old and this is only the second thing I have ever had done to it (Toyotas are such good cars!!)

What I Wore While Taking My Car to the Shop:

Sorry about the bad pics. I dropped my camera as I was trying to get better ones. And it died. Now I have to go buy a new one.

This jacket was part of a suit that I got 4 years ago when I became a lawyer. Since my thighs rub together (boo!) the pants bit the dust before the jacket. And I've lost weight since then, so the jacket just doesn't get much action any more. I decided I really wanted to try to wear it, but I think maybe it should be removed from my closet. What do you think?

Today Rand really thought my outfit was odd. He said that the T looks weird under the blazer. I was going for a hip suit vibe, and I think it's good, but not great. But since I have a vision of what I want it to look like in my head, I might not be seeing the reality of how the result actually looks. Please let me know your honest opinion or suggestions.
  • black/white plaid pants (Newport News)
  • green 3/4 sleeve T, unseen (Target)
  • yellow graphic short sleeve T (Rainbow)
  • grey suit jacket (Lane Bryant)
  • grey patent heels (Steve Madden)
  • black belt (off some pants from years ago)
  • grey purse (Dachs, thrifted from Goodwill last week)
  • silver/grey earrings (Target new stock @ Goodwill)
  • green bead choker (boutique in New Orleans)
What I Ate From the Office Kitchen:

Someone brought a 2 dozen kolaches in from The Czech Stop in West, TX. YUM! I used to eat those babies when I made drives between Austin and Dallas when I was in college at UT. Add that nostalgia to the fact that (1) I didn't bring breakfast, (2) I didn't bring lunch, and (3) I'm really tempted by free food since my income flow is subject to change at any time, know what happened....

Kolaches x 4 (2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch)
3 somoa girl scout cookies that someone else brought in (my faves!!!)
3 rolos on someones desk (another fave of mine)

...and that brings me to 1396 calories already.

But then I had...HEALTHY HOMEMADE PIZZA!!! Delish!!!

Total for the Day: 2126 calories, 4 glasses of water, no exercise


Maria said...

I really like it!

Mariposa said...

i liked it! maybe not yellow... but a bright blue- that would proably go with the black better- but i do like the top anyway!!!