Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday Spin

I used to be very addicted to cycling. In fact, my entire family really enjoys the sport. We dubbed ourselves Team Potter, and even had a very active website where we posted ride reports, pictures, etc. During that time I was very fit, but still fat. Here's a picture of me in spandex for you to enjoy. Since then we have given up the website but there is still a blog so that we can get tabs on each other since we don't live in the same states. However, I never have anything to contribute. But I think I will cross post this entry since it is cycling related. My parents will probably weep with joy to know I have been back on a bike. Sadly, it was this type of bike:

Yep, that's right, I went to a spin class on Saturday.

It was a 60 minute class and I am sad to report that it kicked my ass. I made sure to tell the instructor that we (I went with Maria) were new, and he helped us get up. For the first 20 minutes I followed along all the way. The from 20-30 minutes I increased/decreased difficulty as instructed. By then it was clear to me that this was so much harder than riding my bike. And I used to ride 50 miles at one time no problem. Sadly, I am out of shape, and this was just harder. My legs could handle it, but my lungs and heart could not. So from 30-60 minutes of the class, I basically just spinned my wheels at the "easy" pace. I found that the temperature in the room and the lack of a breeze (I'm used to creating my own wind, ha!) really made me lightheaded and nauseous.

I wanted so badly to leave the class, but we both hung in there for the full 60 minutes. After class was over the instructor told us that he was really impressed with us. Apparently most newbies quit within the first 30 minutes. Well that made me feel pretty good.

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