Monday, April 20, 2009

Fire Red

Today a coworker and I decided to run to 7-11 to grab coffee. I have never been to this 7-11 before, but it is right next to a hotel that is attached to my office tower. So usually if we're headed that direction we walk through the hotel. In fact, I used to park my car in the hotel parking garage. But today we walked around the building on the street. As we rounded the corner and started to cross the street, we had to step back up on the sidewalk b/c an ambulance was barreling our way. Then another. Then a fire engine. Then a fire truck. Then another and another. Wow! What was going on?

We crossed the street and walked along next to our building, and then we see smoke pouring out of the parking garage, and coming up out of the steam grates. Yikes! The hotel basement was on fire! So we're standing there and a fire truck (probably the 3rd at this point) pulls up. It's from a firestation where I have friends. So, I'm looking to see if I know the guys, but I don't so we turn around to go into the 7-11. Bam! I'm staring right at a friend in full gear, with oxygen on his back, carrying a fire ax as he runs into the building. Let's be honest; he looked yummy! I was hoping I would see a different fireman that I went out with a few times since they work together, but apparently he was on the truck where I said I didn't know anyone. So I missed an opportunity to ogle an "old flame" in a sexy setting. Oh well.

The fire was put out and everyone was safe. But I thought this was a very interesting tie-in to my week theme: RED! (red fire engines, red flames - okay it's cheesy, but it my theme, so let me be cheesy if I want). I was inspired by Kasmira's week of yellow and decided to try my own color week. I wonder if anyone will notice?

What I Wore While Watching a Burning Building:

  • silk red/peach polka dot skirt (La Redoutte)
  • cream sleeveless shell (Max Studio)
  • yellow cardi (Target)
  • red/yellow flower brooch (thrifted via Goodwill)
  • red suede peep-toe wedges (Old Navy)
  • yellow stone earrings (??)
I woud like to add that this outfit was smokin' (yes, another bad pun) before I put the cari on, but it wasn't very work appropriate so I had to layer the cardi on top to go to the office.

What I Ate After We Finally Remembered To Turn On the Crockpot:

sorry. out of focus and then my battery died
  • 4 oz. crockpot mexican chicken
  • 8 oz. white potato
  • 1/4 c. fat free cheddar
  • 2 T. fat free sour cream
  • 4 oz red wine turned into sangria
  • side salad w/ rd bell pepper, yellow squash, corn, carrots, and avodcado
  • dessert - 1 chocolate crepe made from Fiber One pancake mix

What I Did For Exercise Disguised as Quality Time:

Since we forgot to start the crockpot until 4:30 today, we went for a pre-dinner walk to give it a little extra time to cook. We just took our glasses of sangria and strolled around our neighborhood. Most of the people here are pretty young and have young children, so there are lots of people out and about right after work. You get a lot of waves and hellos while you stroll.

Total for the Day: 1661 calories, 20 min walk


Hillary said...

Love the polka dotted skirt. Very cute paired with the yellow.

Carzy fire stories... Funny coincedence, I had an old boyfriend who works at the station across from me. I was worried he'd be showing up at my house the day we had smioke, but I was lucky...another station came to our rescue. Whew!

BTW, to answer your question, I am in Houston. I travel to Dallas a couple times a year to visit some friends though. Dallas is a great city too :-)

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I'm envious of your skirt, talk about simply wonderful :)

eednic said...

i read about that fire in the paper this morning! glad you and your friends/co-workers are safe. love the colors in your outfit and especially the flower pin!

Sher said...

Can I say I wish I was with you on your coffee break? I would have enjoyed the "view" too! Love your outfit today, what a great color combination :)

Work With What You've Got said...

I love love love that outfit on you. The color combo is great.

I wanted to tell you, I went to hula hoop group last night at the Southside Lofts, and as far as activities go, it didn't suck!~ I had a great time. I totally invite you to join, I'll be there next week too, 7 PM. email me if you're interested! Maegan said...

such a cute outfit!!! you look awesome!

D'Rae said...

Cute outfit! I love it!