Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guest Blogger - Stacy

Today we have a very special guest blogger: my sister Stacy! She has been following my blog (to keep me accountable on my food choices) and just yesterday commented that she never wears belts as fashion accessories. So of course she had to give it a try. Plus she's an amazing photographer, so I told her she had to take pics and do a guest post for me. Can you tell that her camera and her camera skills are better than mine? Sheesh. Way to put me to shame, Stacy.

And Now, Here's Stacy....

Outfit details:
  • Shirt: Elle - Kohls
  • Pants: AB Studio - Kolhs
  • Belt: Kohls
  • Shoes: Clarks
  • Earrings: New York & Company
  • Necklace: Bergners

I was so busy trying to take these photos in the morning, I forgot my watch (an everyday accessory for me).I also actually styled my hair and put effort into my makeup, which shamefully I leave the house without doing a lot of days.

Food Details:

I follow the Weight Watchers points system and I can have a total of 29 points/day. Today I am having 25 out of 29 points.

Breakfast - 2 points

  • Diet Pepsi
  • Yoplait Apple Crisp

Lunch - 6 points

  • Hillshire Farms turkey sandwhich on wheat break with lettuce and light mayo
  • 2 servings of Pringles BBQ chips
  • 1 serving of red grapes

Snack - 3 points

  • OR Fat Free Kettle Corn
  • 1 serving of Ocean Spray craisins

Dinner - 14 points

  • 2 Jennie O Turkey Bugers w/ lettuce, tomato, and light mayo
  • 1 serving of apple sauce
  • 1 serving of pretzels

Total for the Day: 25 WW points, no exercise

Thanks, Stacy! You look great!! If any of you are interested in checking out Stacy's amazing skills, she has a professional website and has a blog too, Snapshots By Stacy.


Mariposa said...

lovely!!!!! the pics, the outfit, and stacy! : )

Maria said...

Great job, Stacy! I want more!

Tina said...

Stacy, you rocked that belt, just like I knew you would! And I wish we lived in the same part of the country, so I could borrow your shirt. :)