Thursday, April 2, 2009

You're Stressin' Me Out!

What I Wore While Being Stressed Out at Work:

I have finally figured out my new haircut. Sadly, it requires 45 minutes of work to get it styled correctly. Not exactly what I would call the low maintenance cut I was asking for, but at least I don't look like "a hag in the woods with branches stuck in her hair" like Rand described me this morning before I fixed it. Ahhh, that made me feel sexy. :)
  • purple tulip skirt (Lane Bryant - have you noticed that I have this in a jillion colors?
  • maroon long-sleeve, v-neck T (Old Navy)
  • green/pink short sleeve, distressed sweater (Target)
  • maroon/lavender flats (Franko Sarto)
  • maroon shell earrings (Target)
  • maroon seed pearl necklace (gifted)

What I Ate While Sitting on the Living Room Floor:

  • butternet squash fries
  • BBQ roast beed sandwhich
  • cabbage & almond salad (I only ate about 1/2 b/c I was too full)

Total for the Day: 1686 calories, 8 glasses of water, 15 minutes of Wiixercise