Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sheaves of Wheat

What I Ate While Watching Bad TV With an Old Friend:

  • brown/white skirt (Target)
  • brown V-neck shirt (George/Walmart)
  • brown/tweed reversible belt (?)
  • brown wedge boots (Cloudwalkers)
  • goldtone sheaves of wheat brooch (borrowed from Maria)*
  • gold earrings (vintage from when my Mom was in the Navy)
  • goldtone teardrop necklace (Walmart)
  • brown/white wooden bangle (Lane Bryant)
  • pink/orange scarf (Banana Republic, thrifted from Goodwill)
  • brown patent bag (Rafe for Target)

* brooch #4 in my stolen from Maria series

I added the scarf because I felt like the outfit needed a little pop of color since everything else was brown. And I am sad to report that this skirt is now too big. It's a beautiful skirt with a sateen finish. And I have the same skirt in black. Any plus size girls out there interested in a swap?

What I Ate While Blaming it on Lack of Groceries:

  • breakfast - McDonalds sausage McMuffin & hasbrowns
  • lunch - Chick-Fil-A sandwich & fries
  • dinner - creamy chicken noodles, snap peas, peaches
  • dessert - ice cream w/ granola & magic shell

Yikes. Man, I lose ten pounds and then try to gain it all back in 1 day. Smart.


eednic said...

"Yikes. Man, I lose ten pounds and then try to gain it all back in 1 day. Smart."

I do that too! I'm back on the "healthy eating wagon" again myself. I went to the doctor yesterday and was a little surprised to see I had gained so much weight! I knew my pants were a little tight but...well...i guess i was in denial that eating out for lunch everyday was cool!

This eating healthy thing should also help my finances. Hopefully. Someone told me yesterday btw that chick fil a fries are fried in a different kind of oil that is less fattening than oil used by other fast food chains. To which I said "well, i'm trying to eat healthy, i'd better go to chick fil a!"

Lmac said...

Hey ladies! Eating healthy should help your finances. I do it and boy buying healthy items, frozen veggies for me though, is alot cheaper than the other stuff.

Tina said...

We try frozen veggies, but generally I much much much prefer fesh veggies. Thankfully, since it's spring fresh produce prices are coming down.