Friday, May 1, 2009

Guest Blogger - Maria

Okay, I've talking about Maria all week, since I stole a bunch of brooches from her before she made her fabulous purse hooks out of them. Well, she has agreed to be my guest blogger for the month of May.

Please welcome Maria! (and her fabulous little puppy that is licking the glass door behind her. He cracks me up. Ha!)

For months I have been planning to volunteer at the MS 150 Bike Ride. And, no, I will not be riding. Tina, as some of you know, is a master bike rider-ess. She's biked across Iowa, has a fancy set of wheels and even got her whole family into cycling.* Seriously, she's amazing. Me? Yeah not so much. I went to a spinclass for the first time a few weeks ago and in the first 10 minutes I had jello legs. Not fun. ANYWAY, the first day of the 150 mile ride is mostly in Dallas County. The second day of the ride, however, is in a neighboring county which has suspended all mass gatherings of people. Included in that prohibition was my MS event. We should get final word tomorrow on alternative plans, but still. I'm bummed that so much good fund raising potential will be wasted!

What I Was Doing While Being Bummed About Pig Flu:

So, on to the outfit. I was conservative this go-around: I just wore an outfit that I had never worn before. And shoes which are lighter than my pants which is a big step! So, here it is.
  • Sweater: Target
  • Pants: New York and Company
  • Shoes: BCBG Girls
  • Earrings: Claimed from my stash of vintage jewelry that I use to makehand bag hooks
  • Ring: From my grandma circa 1920

Thanks, Maria. I love your grandma's ring. I'm so glad you are wearing it!

* My parents got both my sister and I into cycling, and we ride as Team Potter. We have a lot of fun.


Sher said...

Nice argyle sweater and I'm sure it was a lot less than JCrew :)

Lydia said...

The outfit looks great! I love that the peach earrings and the peach in your sweater almost make your cream-looking shoes look like they've got a hint of peach in them! :) way to go! :)

Sharon said...

What a fun post!
I love the heels!

Maria said...

Thanks for all the great comments! :-)