Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bankruptcy Anyone?

I had to head down to the federal courthouse this morning for some more training. This time I knew that I didn't have to wear a suit, and I knew that the room would be really uncomfortable so I should try to accomodate. Hence my dressed down work-day outfit. Unfortunately it wasn't really quite what I wanted it to be, even for a casual outfit. I felt great (that scarf around the shoulder made me feel stylish) but whenever I saw myself in the elevator mirror, I looked rather rumpled.

What I Wore While In Training To Eectronically File Bankruptcy Cases:

  • green scoop-neck, double layer, 3/4 sleeve T (Polo Jeans Co.)
  • blue wide leg trousers (Gap)
  • gold T-strap heels (Santana)
  • cream/green/blue silk gorgette scarf (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • goldtone hoop earrings (??)
  • goldtone star brooch (stolen from Maria) *

* almost done with my Borrowed From Maria Before She Makes Pursehooks series (although I have my eye on a few more...)

What I Ate While Continuing to be a Bad Bad Girl:

This morning I stopped off at Starbucks to get a skinny latte (so far, so good), and I walked out with a cheese danish too (oops, but not fatal depending on the rest of the day). Then at my training they had donuts. I skipped them (yay!) until the second break when I as starving b/c we were running past my lunch time (boo!). I adapted my lunch and snacks to accomodate the pastries as long as I had a reasonable dinner. We didn't have all the ingredients for what we were supposed to make and I used this as an excuse to shove Quesa-D-Yas glorious quesadillas in my face. mmm yummy, cheesy goodness. Argh.
To be honest, I think that the lunch I selected for the week was not a smart choice. It's too high in produce and is making my tummy "rumble" which leaves me feeling akward and shockingly hungry. I'm going to have to modify next week. Oh and grow some will power. Sheesh. Step up, Tina. Stop giving yourself excuses to chow down on the fatty goodness. And stop calling it goodness!!!!


ohthatgirl said...

I think you and I really are related. My old job was very much bankruptcy related.

Love the scarf and the brooch. They definitely amp up an otherwise simple outfit. :O)

Work With What You've Got said...

I don't think you look rumpled at all, and I love the way you are wearing the scarf.

I had a BAD DAY yesterday. I had a bad morning and worked through lunch and when 2 PM rolled around I got myself a Sonic BLT to make myself feel better. And tots. And then the day got WORSE and Nate grabbed cheese pizza slices for dinner for me over at Brothers and I had that. THEN I ate two Whole Foods Brownie Bites. SO Not a good food choice day for me.

TexNYQueen said...

I think it looks great. Love the color combo - could sure use that scarf. You do a great job at using scarves as belts, maybe next time toss it on as a belt for waist definition.

Oh, how could I forget - super cute shoes!!!!!!

Struggler said...

I've seen you wearing some lovely shoes - these included - and I'd love to know how you find them on the comfort scale. It looks like your job involves more than sitting at a desk all day, so how do you balance cuteness and comfort? This is a huge struggle for me!

Tina said...

ohthatgirl - I think I posted on your blog a while back asking if we are related! ha! What was your old job?

Erin - sorry you had a bad day. (How wrong is it that I am now jealous of the food you ate? I need to get a grip!)

TexNYQueen - I'll have to give that a try. I think this particular scarf might be a bit too long for it, but I am always up for a challenge!

Struggler - I sit A LOT at work. I am mostly at a computer for hours at a time. And as a result I can get away with lots of different shoes. These particular shoes are actually quite comfortable b/c they aren't very high. (maybe 2 inches). I am sort of on a "shoe ban" I am no longer buying shoes on a regular basis, and I am severely limiting what I buy and how much I spend b/c I have a ton of heels and my job doesn't require me to be stylish (that's just for me).

I used to do a lot of shoe shopping at DSW, Ross and Old Navy (for flats). I occassionally also buy shoes at Dots, Payless, and the $9.99 shoe store. Usually I get what I pay for then: squeaky shoes that hurt and dont' breath. I only do that for something trendy or super fab that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Also, we have a shoe warehouse here in our design ditrict. I bought a ton of shoes there at amazing prices (all designer shoes) a few years ago, but ever since then, they've had garbage.

So a very long reply to get to a short answer. DSW, Ross and Old Navy. And I try to buy comfortable shoes. I find that more expensive shoes really are more comfortable.

Stacy said...

For the record, as your little sister, I am TOTALLY, 100% jealous of your amazing shoe closet. It's one of my biggest "OMG - its so awesome your my big sister, and we wear the same size..." LOL!

Get back on the horse girl, you can do it! =)

Jess said...

Curse that delicious goodness!

I like the scarf and shirt together a lot! I think they look very upscale-casual. There's something about the pants I don't love though.

eednic said...

i think you look pretty damn good here. GIVE ME YOUR SHOES!!! >:O


Tina said...

Stacy - aww. You're so sweet. Now back away from my shoes! (unless you want to trade for those voodoo shoes of yours)

Jess - yeah the pants were baggy and the top was too short for them so you see the lumps from my queso baby. Thanks for the honesty.

eednic - uh oh. putting lock on shoe shrine to prevent theft. LOL