Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Look Down!

Recently the window washers have been doing all the buildings in our area, my office building included. These guys are sitting on a wooden board about 1 foot square, hanging from a rope. They don't even use a rope to keep their brushes attached, which could really be a problem if they ever dropped one, since the are up so high. This photo is of one guy abou 16 stories up. It was fascinating to watch him get over the wall and onto the little board. SCARY!

What I Wore While Watching the Window Washers:

Clearly, I need to go get fitted for some new bras. The high waist of this skirt combined with this bra is a bad combo. Other than my need for support, I was happy with this outfit.
  • black/white geometric skirt (thrifted, Goodwill) $3
  • black short sleeve gathered T (Old Navy) $5
  • black patent shoes (Payless) $10
  • turquoise fabric belt (via Ross) $1
  • white seed bead necklace, worn as bracelet (H&M) $1
  • two tone circle earrings (Target, thrifted new stock, Goodwill) $0.26
  • black embroidered purse (inherited from grandmother) free

I could have skipped the earrings and been completely under $20, but I felt that it was within the spirit of the $20 challenge to wear earrings that I got new for 26 cents. Also, I debated wearing te necklace as a bracelet or as a necklace. I think made the wrong choice. My top looks very barren. And it just occurred to me that I could have worn 1/2 of the strands as a necklace and 1/2 as a bracelet. Doh!

What I Ate After Exploring Jewelry With Maria:

  • 2 oz. whole wheat linguini
  • 3/4 c. pasta sauce
  • 1 oz longhorn beef meatballs
  • roasted brocolli

What Maria and I Did When We Were Supposed To Be At the Gym:

I was supposed to meet Maria at the gym after work but she was running late, so I decided to stop by her house to pick her up. This is never a good idea. When it's time to go to the gym, you go to the gym. Actually going inside a friend's house is a recipe for disaster. While she put on her workout clothes, I started digging through all her vintage jewelry that she has to make purse hooks out of. Uh uh. She sat down next to me. We never made it to the gym. Instead we pulled out piece after piece, then tried them all on to see if we could "rock it" or not. We each selected a couple of items to wear next week. And Maria didn't believe me when I said she could rock a certain item, so she challenged me to wear it and not look stupid. I brought it and several really cool items home. They will all make their appearance next week. Feel free to guess which one is the challenge.

Total for the Day: $20.26, 1746 calories, 5 glasses of water, 1 hr jewelry inspection "exercise" hehe


Lmac said...

That fabric belt totally pops! I love it with the rest of your outfit!

CoCo said...

I of course have no idea where you currently shop for underwear, but if you don't already wear them, may I suggest Lane Bryant's Cacique balconette bras ( I think the balconette holds me up better than any bra i've ever tried on. I have six. Each is a different color. I am in love with it. My boyfriend is in love with it. They look good under everything.

Disregard this statement if you are already wearing one, or if you have tried them and hate them. :)

eednic said...

your dinner looks delicious. plus i'm hungry. oatmeal in the mornings just isn't cutting it for me! gyaaaaah!

I love love love the blue tie belt and the purse. LOVE i say.

Christina Lee said...

yikes that scares me! LOVE your outfit! always go to buy whole wheat pasta but put it back down- can you notice the difference?

Tina said...

Lmac & eednic - thanks!

Coco - Thanks for the input. They don't carry my size in the store. But I am actually wearing something similar from them that I ordered online.

Christina - I can't lie. There is a difference. It doesn't bother me, but just last night Rand asked if we could get "white pasta" next time just for variety.

Sher said...

You're doing an awesome job keeping each outfit under $20. That ribbon as a belt is such a pretty touch :)