Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tip: Dairy Should Stay in the Fridge

Today I made some bad food choices, but not te kind you think. My calories were within range, but I ate some yogurt that had been sitting out on my desk for quite some time and I added some cream to my coffee that had also been sitting out. I'm pretty brave about things like this, and today it was the wrong choice. Enough said.

What I Wore While Eating Questionable Food:

This is day 2 of my attempt at the $20 Challenge.
  • black pencil skirt (George/Walmart, thrifted new Goodwill) $3
  • aqua tank (Mossimo/Target) $4
  • aqua/black/white paisley dolman sleeve wrap shirt (La Vita, thrifted Goodwill) $3
  • silvertone/turquoise bead stretch bracelet (thrifted, Goodwill) $0.79
  • silvertone/black bead necklace (hand-me-down from a friend) free
  • aqua earrings (Target) $2.66
  • black wooden bead belt (thrifted) $2
  • black scarf (thrifted) $1 *
  • black buckle pumps (Circa by Joan & David, hand-me-down from a friend) free
  • black snakeskin clutch (thrifted, Goodwill) $3

* I attempted to wear a scarf in my hair a la Diana but it didn't work for me very well.

What I Ate While Watching Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels:

  • jambalaya
  • turkey sausage

Total for the Day: $19.45 outfit, approx 1800 calories, 6 glasses of water


Madame said...

You have some fab thrifted items!!! I'm never that lucky :/ ... lol ... cute look!

Lesa said...

Hi, Head on over to my blog and receive your blog award! Lesa

Maria said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

I have nominated you for an award. Come and pick it up!

eednic said...

love the wrap shirt and belt!

and i personally am very fond of jambalaya as well. though i haven't had it in ages.

Jess said...

Ergh. Sorry to be hear about your unfortunate dairy experience. I too have tangled with expired yogurt. Luckily I escaped unscathed, but I've known some others to fall to dairy of questionable character.

I love your shirt- it's so flowy! Makes an otherwise dark outfit very light and airy!

Anonymous said...

Man, you are killing me with all the great $20 outfits. My shoes always throw me from hitting the mark. No one ever gives me anything clothing wise because they say I have enough already!
As for the dairy - my mom raised me not to eat anything that it is remotely suspect. Hopefully you are feeling better today!

Kaylyn said...

Ack! I LOVE that jambalaya mix! delish! The Man gets mad because i always want to cook it. What can I say? It's good and I dont always want chicken and corn like he does.

Great recession outfit! Looks like you're as much of a thrifty queen as I am. I propose a future challenge for the both of us: Nothing but thrifted items all week long. Whaddya think?

CoCo said...

lovey love the bracelet! i also wish i was as lucky in the thrift department. :)

Tina said...

Madame & Coco - I quite often go thrifting and find nothing, esp since I'm a curvy girl. But recently I have been on a roll! Although I must admit that the bracelet is pretty cheap looking up close. Luckily, no one ever gets close enough to make that determination!

Lesa & Charlotte - Thanks! Y'all are too sweet. I will attempt an award "pick up" tomrrow. :)

Kimberly - I know! Shoes make it difficult. But I actually found my toughest challenge has been finding tops that aren't T-shirts but are still inexpensive.

Kaylyn - Yikes! I don't know if I could do nothing but thrifted for an entire week and not just have it b a compete repeat of this week. I think I am starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel after 5 days of this. :)

Sheila said...

You look great in this outfit! I love the colours.

Mmm...that dinner looks delish! I think I need to get started on mine...