Monday, May 11, 2009

Prom Queen

Struggling to be Stylish wrote a post about where she finds inspiration and yours truly is honored to be included in the group of blogs she turns to. Aww. Now I'm blushing. Thanks, Style Struggler!

I was also tagged by Charlotte Sometimes to post by prom pics. I have to be honest, I've been hoping someone would tag me with this one because what is more fun than looking at old photos?? I love it.

The rules:
~ Upload your prom picture. If you don't have one, email your mom and have her send it to you.
~ Don’t forget to include the year it was taken. Again, don't be shy. The older the better.
~ Grab the "Prom Queen" button and add to your post. Isn't the button adorable? Thank you Danielle, The Design Girl. You must check out her fabulous sale!
~ Copy and paste the rules to your blog.
~ Tag 5 others!

Drum roll please....

This is what I wore to two formal events in 1992. The first one was some dance that I don't even remember the name of and the second is my prom about 4 months later. My mom made the dress after we couldn't find anything I liked in the stores. I adored this dress. See the detachable sleeves? It's two two two dresses in one.

You know what? I still like it.

I'm tagging:
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Joanna said...

Awesome dress! My mom made all of my dresses too, but none had detachable sleeves! Jealous!

Work With What You've Got said...

ARGHHHHHHHHH. I can't play. :(

I didnt go to prom. AND all of my pictures from high school are in storage. :(

Simple Elegance said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'm going to have to dig around in my old photos, but I know there's a picture of that dress somewhere.

Goober said...

I know I have a photo somewhere at my parents house. I'll dig it up and post it. My dates hair alone will be worth a good laugh :)

Sher said...

What a sexy dress! Love how the sleeves came off. Your Mom is so talented.

Tina said...

Thanks! I must say, my mom ROCKS!