Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I've mentioned that I have a Shoe Shrine. Really it's just that it makes me very happy to see all my shoes, so they have a special place on one wall in my closet where I can see them all at once. My mom isn't really into fashion, but it occured to me yesterday that I might just get my thing for shoes from her. She mentioned that she had gotten rid of two pairs of Birkonstocks this week, which of course begged the question "how many do you have now?" 6. She has six pairs of Birkenstocks, so last week she had 8. And I'm pretty sure at one time she had 10. I know that Birks aren't fashionable shoes, but my mom isn't a fashionable lady so it's shocking to me that she cares enough about these shoes to own that many of them at once. And she told me that she really wants 3-4 more pairs, but thinks that she can't justify it right now. I love my mom.

Happy Mother's Day.


Struggler said...

Yes, my Mom has maybe half a dozen pairs of flat, sensible navy shoes which all look the same to me. But I'm sure she can tell the difference and brings each of them out at the appropriate moment!

Jess said...

Our moms can buy Birks together!

My mom has really branched out fashion wise over the past several years, but when I was younger, it was Birkenstocks all the time. She had them in all sorts of colors and styles. She even wore them in the winter with wooly socks (she was msot certainly a hippie).

Sher said...

If it's comfortable and it makes you feel great; buy one in every color :)