Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brazilian Dance

What I Wore to the Dubliner:

  • pale pink lace trim jacket (Lane Bryant)
  • pink/red/green dot silk shirt (Nine West)
  • blue wide-leg slacks (Gap)
  • pink heels (Nine West)
  • pink heart earrings (Xmas gift from stepbrother)
  • pink bracelet (from a friend's mom)
What I Ate While Playing Dominoes:

  • breakfast: 1 c. Optimum blueberry & cinnamon cereal, 1/2 c. Almond Breeze, 6 oz blueberries
  • lunch: 1/2 turkey ruben sandwich, 1 c. steamed veggies, 1 c. french onion soup (Jason's Deli)
  • snack: Z-bar (Cliff)
  • dinner: 16 oz Julius Echter heffeweisen, 1/2 cheeseboard (I had about 1/2 of what you see, plus about 2 oz of brie YUM!!)
  • dessert: microwave cake (1/3 c. reduced sugar cake mix, slightly less than 1/3 c. unsweetened Almond Breeze (or liquid of your choice) microwaved for 2 minutes and topped with 2 T of reduced sugar icing

What I Did with Free DVDs:

The lovely ladies at Fit Bottomed Girls (great blog if you exercise at all. Seriously, check them out) had a multitude of give-aways a few weeks ago and I WON!! I am now the proud owner of 3 Dance and Be Fit workout DVDs. I stuck the Brazilian Body one this morning and allowed myself 30 minutes to workout, even though it was going to make me later to work than normal. My arrival time is flexible, so this is fine with work, but hard for me to allow myself to do. I'm trying to teach myself that it's more important for me to get exercise into my life than to earn an extra 1/2 hour of wages each day.

Since I only gave myself 30 minutes, I couldn't do that whole workout, but it's divided into different dances, so I did the warm up, one dance section, and the cool down for 24 minutes of exercise.

To be honest, I didn't care for the instruction on this DVD. It's all voice over. And there isn't any explanation of what the moves are going to be. And quite often the voice over tells you that now should already be doing the new move rather cueing you to do it before the change happens. So I was perpetually behind the instructor. Obviously that problem will go away if I continue to use the DVD.

Anyway, I was sweaty when my 24 minutes was complete, so I feel like I got a decent workout for the time I had.

Total for the Day: 2019 calories, 6 glasses of water , 24 minutes cardio


Sher said...

that video sounds like so much fun!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love those shoes on you. The pink works as a nude, and it looks really great with your skin!

Hillary said...

Cute outfit. Love the dots:)

Great pic of you doing the workout! It's tough to cram it all in sometimes. I'm a big fan of mini workouts throughout the day. Keep some walking shoes at work and try to walk to 10 minutes 2-3 times a day. Those little walks add up. Sometimes it's too hot outside and I just walk around the lobby. Sometimes I have a friend go with me and sometimes, I groove to my iPod. Good luck!

Stacy said...

Aww!! Dominos at the Dubliner?! I miss Dallas!! That sure sounds like a fun time to me. =)

Oh - and I totally do what Hillary does. I walk the parking lot for at least 15 minutes after lunch and will get up again in the afternoon for a brisk walk or stair climb a back staircase in the building. If no one joins me on my walk, I jam out to my ipod (usually this is a better workout walk then if someone joins me).

eednic said...

look at your plate of deliciousness! NOM NOM! did u do something different to your hair? i like it. i like it A LOT.

Brooke said...

I love that pink/hot pink/navy combination. So bright and cheerful and fresh!

I often have the same problem with dance and yoga DVDs - they seem to think you know all the moves already. Oh well. It's still more fun than lifting weights!

Tina said...

Sher - sadly, it sounds more fun than it is. :(

Erin - thanks! Yep pink belnds right into my pale skin.

Hillary - thanks for the tip. You and Stacy inspired me. I logged onto MapMyWalk and found a little 1/2 mile route around a couple of blocks downtown and I walked at lunch two days so far this week. I can't really walk much farther than that in this heat or I wouldn't be decent to come back into the office. But it's better than sitting on my butt.

Stacy - thanks, sis! You and Hillary totally inspired me! You guys rok!

eednic - thanks! umm...I let it air dry, so it's nice a frizzy!

Brooke - yeah it's such a pain when they are like that. I know I'll catch on eventually, but it makes me not to even want to do the DVDs enough to get to that point.

andrea said...

awesome blog!

Tina said...

Andrea - thanks!