Monday, June 22, 2009

Venue, Venue, Who's Got the Venue?

We are going to try to keep this wedding as inexpensive as possible, which is very difficult in Dallas The Land of Big Hair, Big Diamonds, and Big Weddings. A few months ago this led to me doing a little research and picking a sweet little venue that is on city property so it's really inexpensive (about 1/8 the price of most other venues). I didn't make any calls or anything since Rand hadn't proposed yet. Rand called yesterday and it's booked solid. Oh well. Time for more research and a larger budget!

What I Wore While Researching Wedding Venues Online:

  • salmon shortsleeve sweater (Nine&Co.)
  • skirt (Walmart)
  • red suede platform heels (Jessica Simpson, thrifted Goodwill)
  • blue plastic chain necklace (thrifted, charity shop)
  • silver cuff bracelet (Payless)

What I Ate While Watching The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio:

  • breakfast: 1 c. Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon cereal, 1/2 c. unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1 small banana
  • lunch: salad with spinach, 1/2 c kidney beans, atichoke hearts, grape toms, carrot, and 1 oz fat free feta; 1 c. cubed watermelon; 1/2 whole wheat pita made into chips
  • snack: Luna bar
  • dinner: homemade veggie pizza with basil and fat free feta

This pizza is amazing. You really must must must make it some time. We don't make the crust from the recipe anymore, b/c we find it to be a little heavy. We just use a thin crust Boboli from the grocery store.

What I Did After it Dropped Below 100 Degrees:

Rand and I went for a walk around the park just as it was getting dark. We went around twice (1 mile) and were going to go around a third time, but I was wearing flip flops and my feet started getting sore. So tomorrow I'll wear tennies so we can walk around as many times as we want.

Total for the Day: 1569 calories, 6 glasses of water, 1 mile of walking


Diana said...

Love your skirt in this outfit! Good luck with the wedding planning!

Jess said...

Congrats on the engagement! Your ring is beautiful. :)

I got married at the Dallas Woman's Forum on Ross...keeping the cost down was a BIG deal. It was actually quite reasonable (we had both the wedding and reception there) and very beautiful!

I also have a recommendation for a florist if you want one. She did a GORGEOUS job at our wedding and the flowers were hella cheap. When she told us how much it would be for what we wanted, I thought my mom was going to faint from shock that it wasn't more money. LOL She even had flowers left over after all the corsages, bouquets, etc. were finished, so she made a gorgeous arrangement to put by the guest book for no extra charge!

Tina said...

Diana - Thanks!

Jess - I drive by that place every day on my way home, and I was just wondering yesterday if it was a place you could rent. I would certainly love any and all advice that you might have. Please please please email me with your florist, etc. You rock!!

eednic said...

fabulous outfit dahling! and quite flattering. as is my custom, i am jealous of your shoes. good luck on finding a venue and all that. whenever erik and i do get married (someday in the far away future), we're eloping to Vegas. not this time, though. this time we're just taking a vacation. unless we get really drunk, then who knows.

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Well, at least you have your wedding photographer sorted! I assume Stacey will do the honours? I love her photos.
Planning a wedding is so exciting! I totally envy you and I already had two weddings, I want more! (just no more husbands!)

Beth said...

Yeah for the Ohio shout out!

You can try any local universities -- here at OU we have a lovely chapel and banquet hall that can be rented quite cheaply!

Kayla said...

I have those same Jessica Simpson shoes, and I also got mine at the Goodwill! Ironic. Congrats with your engagement!!!

Stacy said...

Yes, congrats! You already knew that from me, but a blog congrats never hurts. I am loving your art deco ring by the way. All outfits for the next while should be based soley on showing off your new bling!

Aww...and isn't Charlotte sweet! =)
Thanks! I don't know if I can swing being official photog and official MOH, but photo taking will happen, oh yes it will!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Well Stacy, being a woman I thought you could multi-task! ;-)
Should be no problem for a woman of your abilities surely? :-D

Sher said...

Congratulations! And have fun fun fun with your wedding plans. I had a hard time booking a church and a hall together. In order to do that I had to change my wedding date....get the 4th of July Well at least he never forgot our anniversary LOL!

Kasmira said...

Love the bracelet.

Thanks for reminding me to add Prizewinner to my netflix queue. At the rate I'm working through my list, I should be watching it in 2 years.

Tina said...

eednic - so...should I be hoping that you get drunk? LOL

Charlotte - I would love it and be honored if Stacy could be my photographer. She does great work. But as she pointed out, as my Matron of Honor she's going to be way too busy to take pics. And she has to be in most of them. :)

Beth - what a great suggestion! Thanks!

Kayla - how coincidental. I love it! Thank you.

Thanks, Stace!

Sher - thanks! No kidding, he will never forget your anniversary and you know there will always fireworks in your honor!

Kasmira - thanks! My Netflix list is the same way. Just to let you know, I thought the movie was going to be very light-hearted and fun, but it's actually pretty serious. It's good, though.

Milly said...

love your pumps...another great goodwill find