Thursday, June 4, 2009

Menswear & Pinups

I was inspired by something I remembered seeing on both Kimberly and Academichic's blogs. After I tracked down their posts, I see that I didn't really do exactly the same look, but I think the general vibe is the same. The best part - it gave me a reason to steal my favorite shirt of Rand's.

What I Wore From Rand's Side of the Closet:

  • blue check men's shirt (Tommy Hilfiger)
  • oatmeal A-line skirt (Target)
  • silver/gold/cream woven belt (thrifted new, Goodwill)
  • tan rafia mules (Bandolino)
  • silvertone neecklace (via Macy's)
  • silver/brass bracelet (vintage store in Austin)

In the past there was some discussion about what we all wear when we get home from work. Some people change into PJs or something else comfortable, and I used to be one of them. But Rand commented that he never got to see me in anything other than my comfy pants, so I started trying to look at little nicer at home without just staying in my work clothes. Several people asked what I've been wearing, so I've been trying to show pictures of those outfits too, when it's been something other than just throwing jeans on with a T-shirt.

Today I left Rand's shirt on and tied it at the waist. Then I added some black cargo capris (Lane Bryant) and some cute sandals.

I went over to Maria's for a bit and she told me I looked like a 50s pin up model. Now that's a compliment I will take!

What I Ate While Talking About Babies, Tweens, and Careers:

I met some friends for lunch today at Monica's for $5 lunch entrees. Yummy! I am proud to say that I ignored the chips and queso that was on the table, and opted for a vegetarian burrito for my meal. I skipped the rice.

For dinner, we ran to Subway since we still don't have a stove. I got the veggie delight sandwich and saved my chips for tomorrow.

Total for the Day: 1746 calories, 3 glasses of water (uhoh), no exercise


Penny said...

You do look super cute in that pin up look.

Jess said...

I agree- its a look you should repeat!

I was just thinking last night how I feel bad that my husband never seems me looking decent- he leaves in the am before I'm ready and I go trait tot he gym after work, so after that the rest of the evening is pent in jammies/comfy clothes. I've been showing him my blog pictures in an attempt to make up for it. :D

eednic said...

your outfit=LOVE! and you might already know how i feel about those shoes (the same way i feel about most shoes, in general) (i.e. I CAN HAS?!?!)

PBC said...

Styling outfit, but I must ask about those shoes, it hurts my feet just to look at them. Do they hurt?????

Sheila said...

I am a huge believer in being at least presentable for one's loved one at home.

I used to wear baggy sweats, ripped clothes, jammy pants, huge t-shirts. Then it hit me: I put so much time and effort into looking good for STRANGERS but I look my absolute worst for the person who matters to me the most.

Now, I always wear jeans (non-ripped, not baggy) and a simple top around the house. I know my husband appreciates it. Sometimes I even hang out in a comfy full skirt and tank top!

Tina said...

Penny - thanks! I felt good too, which is wonderful.

Jess - does he like seeing your blog? Rand couldn't care less about mine.

eednic - yep, I'm catching on that you are a shoe lover. :)

Denise - neither the heels nor the sandals that I wore today really hurt. Although the heels don't have backs on them so my feel do get tired by the end of the day from keeping them on.

Sheila - that sounds exactly like me!

Anonymous said...

Love the menswear- you are great at this look!

Jess said...

Tina- He doesn't feel comfortable looking at it on his own; he doesn't want to intrude. He sees it as my thing, like how he wouldn't come with me to go scrapbooking or out with girlfriends. So usually while we are getting dinner ready (in our jammies of course :P) I say 'Look at how cute I looked today!' and make him look at my pictures!

I think that he thinks it's all a bit silly (or he certainly did at first), but he's happy that I have fun with it and he certainly enjoys the benefit of a better dressed Jess!

Struggler said...

Great point about the need to look at least half-way human at home.
It scares me to think how the people at work see the best side of me, not just in how I look, but I know I'm less tired, less grumpy, and more sociable with them too!
Poor Beloved Husband gets the grouchy version in the slouchy cardi!
Oops, must try harder.