Friday, June 5, 2009

Guest Blogger - Beth

Please welcome Beth, my new guest blogger. Beth is a reader who answered my plea (for Rand's sake) to not blog on Fridays. Today she's showing us not one, not two, but THREE outfts from the week.

Take it away, Beth!


Thanks to Tina for letting me be Friday blogger for the month of June!

I’m Beth: mother to an almost-three-year-old, wife to a flight instructor, and professor of digital media at a midwestern public university. You can also check out my sewing blog.

My colleagues’ (mostly men) dress varies from jeans to suits. I try to straddle the line. I like to think my style is modern vintage, and I don’t like to buy anything that isn’t on clearance, or at least on sale.

What I wore while wishing it was summer break:

  • Navy and Green Dress: Merona Collection via Target (not a great view, but the boy wanted in the picture!!)
  • White Denim Jacket: ?? via Elder Beerman
  • Yellow Bead Necklace: vintage via thrift
  • Green Jade Bracelet: gift from sister
  • Yellow Wedge Peep Toes: Sam & Libby via (gift from mom)
  • Navy Handbag: vintage via thrift

I work from home one day a week during the school year, and Fridays are meeting day so I tend to dress a bit more casually. Here are my other outfits this week:

Exercise & Meals:

I didn’t get any shots of my dinners this week, but I did successfully keep to 1800 calories everyday except today, and I am just barely over. Packing my lunch has done wonders!
I have a goal of shaping up. As you can see I’m pretty pear-shaped and I’d like to get my body alittle more proportionate (I’m a 10/12 on top and a 16/18 on bottom). I think exercise will be key, which I’ve done very little of lately. I don’t think my Wii Fit will know me next time I log in! I’m hoping my guest stint will get me motivated.
Keep me honest blog readers!
Thanks, Beth! You look amazing. Your pink skirt and necklace are calling my name. And I see that you have a budding shoe model at your house. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next Friday.


Sheila said...

Beth, you really work the bright colours wonderfully! Love the hot pink!

I would never have known you were pear-shaped if you hadn't said you were! You are doing an awesome job of playing up your lovely shoulders/collarbone and pulling the eye up to your face.

If you exercise more, you can eat more (my personal secret), heh heh. I pack lunch (it's massive) and eat mini-meals all day at work.

Beth said...

Thanks, Sheila! I did a twenty minute preset on the treadmill Saturday so I am feeling pretty good about myself right now. Let' see if I can keep it up!

And, thanks to Tina! The skirt and necklace are both vintage and thrifted -- from different stores on the same day!

Janie said...

I like what you do with color. And I think you pull off the bright colors very well. (and I'm not sucking up because you're on my committee). But, you're right in that everyone in the department are dark colors, "professor-y" dressers.

But seriously, bright accent colors are things I would like to do more of, but I don't think I can pull it off. Plus, I like the earthy colors.

Jess said...

I too would not have guessed you have such a size discrepancy top vs. bottom- great job working with your shape!

I love the pink necklace- makes such a fun statement!

Mariposa said...

love the guest post beth!! you look fabulous. i love the pink skirt!