Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend BLING

I'm engaged!!!! So of course I had to show all of you my ring, which means you also get to see my weekend wear. Variety is nice, isn't it?

What I Wore While Spending the Day With My Future In-Laws:

  • green polka dot blouse (Target)
  • white crochet trim tank (Kmart)
  • jorts (Gap)
  • sandals (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • earrings (?)
  • coi necklace, upcycled from a Scrabble tile (Etsy Fair, but she doesn't sell on Etsy)
  • art deco engagement ring (local jeweler)
What I Wore While Calling All My Friends and Family:

  • burnt orange UT tank (The Co-op, Austin)
  • burnt orange lion silk scarf, worn as shirt (Anne Klein, thrifted Goodwill)*
  • jeans (Gap)
  • sandals (Old Navy, thrifted Goodwill)
  • belt (Dots)
  • faux amber necklace (hand-me-down froma friend)
  • orange earrings (?? Ross)

* I tied the corners of the scarf to my tank and used the belt to create some shape. I got the idea from a photo display of ways to wear scarves that Maria sent me. It's slightly modified, but I think it looks great. It's a little rumpled here b/c we just came back from lots of champagne at brunch.

What I Ate While Accepting Many Rounds of Congratulations:

A little while after Rand proposed, I was googling Weight Watchers Meeting time for the following morning (he asked around midnight). I have been talking about joining WW for a while now and had actually intended to go to a meeting Saturday morning. But Rand thought I was doing the new bride weight freak out thing. He's worried that I'm going to get all freaky about food and crash diet my way to the alter. I think this weekend has disabused him of that idea. There were swedish crepes, sausage, Sonic, birthday cake and ice cream, raviolis in alfredo, etc. Yes I would like to continue to lose weight but I'm not going to freak out just because there is a wedding dress in my future.


Dana said...

I just started reading, but BEST WISHES! Your ring is beautiful, and I love the Art Deco look.

Sheila said...

Woo! Congratulations, Tina! That's awesome news...and what a gorgeous ring!

I love the scarf tied to the tank look - I may have to try that out!

Good luck if you decide to do WW - they worked really great for me. I still go to meetings every Sat am.

PBC said...

YIppeeeeee! Your Stiped Weck Mother is so Happy for you! Congrats.

Beth said...


And the scarf thing is awesome, you rocked it!

Lesa said...


Rachael said...

Congratulations! Rand is a lucky bloke!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Gorgeous ring!

When's the big day going to be?
Oh, and I really like the green blouse!

Brooke said...

Congratulations!!! That's wonderful. And you are going to be a gorgeous bride. :)

Love that scarf as shirt idea - so elegant!

ShopKim said...

Congratulations! The ring is beautiful.

Lola said...

Yay!! Congrats! (And yes, that ring is awesome!)

eednic said...

Congratulations on your engagement!!! Woohoo!!!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love the green blouse and shorts outfit. Casual but classy. Just like you.

The scarf thing is SUPA GENIUS. I mean, really!~

And I have already said it but your ring is perfection. And I am pleased as punch for you.

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh!~ And I cannot recommend WW enough. I went from a size 14 to a size 4/6. And it made sense and was doable, PLUS it taught me invaluable skills I will carry with me always, such as portion control and the fact that it is OK to splurge.

MissAmy said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (This is what I would have exclaimed if you told me in person. While I was jumping up & down LOL.) SO! EXCITING! Congratulations - I hope you'll blog about the wedding plans as you make them. Also, I am soooooo loving the second outfit! I did NOT realize that it's a scarf & not a top LOL. I'm so gonna copy now! XOXO, MissAmy

Goober said...

Congratulations! How exciting! And what a beautiful ring!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!

Love the look of the scarf shirt and the big AK lion head is awesome!

Ally said...

You're positively GLOWING, sister! Your ring is gorgeous and so are you - I can't wait to hear more about it.

Isn't being engaged the best?!?

Herbee said...

Congrats on your engagement! So very exciting! The ring is gorgeous and hey, I have a very similar goldfish necklace! LOL!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

oh! congrats! LOVE the ring. i adore when a man goes non-traditional :D (mine got mine handmade off etsy!)

Diana said...

Congrats! Your ring is gorgeous!

Joanna said...

Aaah! Congrats!

Kari said...


It's actually pretty hard to crash diet on WW because you have to make sure that you eat enough while on the plan. It's just a really good way to train yourself into a healthy eating lifestyle. My mom went on it a while ago with a great deal of success, and I've never joined but essentially followed the dietary guidelines and tracked "points" for a while, and think I need to do so again.

Kari said...

P.S. Forgot to mention that you look beautiful too - which you do! I love kelly green and your fish necklace, and you wear burnt orange SO well.

Tina said...

Thank you so much, Everyone! I am really quite excited and the planning has begun. You will probably be quite sick of hearing about it on this blog. :)

I can't really take full credit for the scarf shirt. It's a modification of how to fashion a shirt out of two scarves tied together. I don't have two scarves that are the same, esp since I buy them all at Goodwill! However, I will say I'm a genius (LOL) for tying it to a tank top. hehehe I definitely suggest trying this look out. It's a great way to get to see you entire scarf instead of just little bits after tying it in some fashion. I felt very stylish but notover the top. And Rand declared it "a toga top" :)

Kari - oh yeah, I definitely wear burnt orange well - it's my college colors. Burnt ornage and white for the Univ. of Texas so I'm required to be able to wear it. :) So I have lots of this odd color in my closet. We used to joke that I was destined to go to school there b/c my freckles are the right color.

CoCo said...

ah! i am just catching up on my t minus t plus reading, and i saw this fantastic post! congratulations!! sorry it's so belated. :)

Tina said...

Thanks, Coco!

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