Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Roundup

What I Wore While Having Girl Time & While Seeing Lysistrata:

What I Did to Get Sweaty:

  • The Wave - it wasn't any better the second time around. It is really too slippery to be safe. I've decided that one of those balance bubbles would be much better.
  • Walking - don't you love this GPS application for my blackberry? I do! It tracks how far I walk, my average speed, my top speed, and how long it took. Plus I can upload it and see my actual path. I will say that the speed isn't very reliable, but everything else is really accurate as long as you remember to stop it when you stop (it is not accurate for walking interspersed with long periods of not moving)


eednic said...

your outfits! they are TEH CUTENESS. it has been decreed.

Anonymous said...

lysistrata! i was in a production of that back in college. makes me snort with laughter, just to remember...

Jess said...

That blackberry app sounds pretty cool! The Wave sounds bad- if you were working really hard and got tired and disoriented you could probably really hurt yourself!

I agree- super cute weekend looks! Love the tied shirt on you :)

Tina said...

eednic - thanks!

evanadine - yeah, it's pretty funny. And this "art house" production of it was over the top.

Jess - Thanks! I'm thinking there will be more tied shirts throughout the summer.