Thursday, July 2, 2009

Almost a Holiday

Since Friday is a federal holiday, our office is closed. So Thursday became Friday. Sadly, we didn't get to sport our casual Friday duds on Thursday. Although the wrinkles in my linen skirt and my casual sandals show how I felt about that. Also, taking a note from Erin, I had my skirt hiked up to my boobs. Otherwise I looked to stumpy with the sandals.

What I Wore on Faux Friday:

  • fushia linen skirt (Lord & Taylor, thrifted Goodwill)
  • red/cream/gold wrap blouse (Lane Bryant)
  • orange crochet trim tank (Old Navy, thrifted Goodwill)
  • bronze gladiator sandals (Target)
  • brass bangles (thrifted Goodwill)
  • brass earrings & necklace (Target)

What I Did for the 2nd Time:

I did day 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Still on the wimpy version of Level 1. But I know I'll be able to do all the pushups soon. And then maybe I'll move on to real pushups.


Deborah-lee said...

I take a few weeks off and you go and get engaged!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! your ring is beautiful. I love art deco and my ring is an antique one for that very reason. Yours is just what I'd want for my wedding ring.

Love your lovebird necklace and all the sweet little romantic pieces you've been sneaking into your outfits!! Can't wait to read up on your different wedding plans and to see the dress!! xx

Sheila said...

I love the red/fuscia combo - it looks fabulous. Great shoes and accessories!

Good for you for doing the workout!

Kasmira said...

I love that necklace!

Tina said...

Deborah-lee - thanks! I'm a sucker for romantic pieces. The dress has been picked out, but not yet purchased...

Sheila - thanks! I must admit that it looked better before I was a big pile od wrinkles. Linen just doesn't hold up through the whole day, but I love this skirt too much to give it up.

Kasmira - thanks! It's reversible. On the other side is a a playing card - the Queen of Hearts.