Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Food-itis Rears Its Head

We brought a bunch of new people onto our project today, so some of the bigwigs were onsite. So I put on a suit today. I realized when I started editing photos that I didn't take one with me actually wearing my suit jacket. Oops. I did not go around all day with a sheer shirt, I actually wore my jacket. I just took it off for the drive home.

What I Wore While The New People Were Being Trained:

  • taupe sheer blouse (Newport News)
  • brown suit (Lane Bryant)
  • brown heels (Manolo Blahniks, thrifted Goodwill)
  • brown floral cutour belt (Dots)
  • mother of pearl earrings (Target)
  • key (antique store)
What I Ate Because It was Free:

I've mentioned before that I have issues with free food. I have to eat it. I'm really trying hard to counter that compulsion, but it's still there. I brought my breakfast and my lunch to work today, but they provided both since new people were being trained. Instead of eating my homemade meals, I attacked the free food like it was going to disappear. Then my step bro took us out for dinner to celebrate our engagement and to introduce us to his girlfriend. I picked what I thought would be a healthy choice - grilled shrimp tacos in corn torillas, but was soaking in oil. Yuck.
  • breakfast: plain bagel with plain cream cheese, coffee w/ cream
  • lunch: quesadilla triangle, 1 beef taco, 2 tortillas, 2 T guac, 2 T sour cream, 1/4 black beans, 1 chocolate chip cookie
  • dinner: really gross shrimp tacos (i only ate 1/2), roasted veggies, 2 mojitos

What I Did Thanks To the Generous Madame:

I follow not only fashion blogs, but also food, fitness, and weight loss blogs. One of the weightloss and fitness blogs that I follow is Madame: The Journey of a Weight Loss*ista. Recently she hosted several giveaways and I won a heart rate monitor, which I have really been wanting to help count my calories burned when I work out!! And she was also givng away a new copy of The 30 Dy Shred, which I did not win. But she is so generous that she gave me her used copy since she was done with it. So thanks to this wonderful woman, I crossed two items off my wish list.
I haven't tried out the heart rate monitor yet, b/c I still need to set it up, but you know that I popped that workout DVD in immediately. Ah, sweet Jillian Michaels. She kicked my butt and I only did the wimpy version of level 1. Someone is going to be sore...
Thanks again, Madame! You rock!
Total for the Day: too many calories, not nearly enough water, 1/2 hour of ass kicking by JM

So I've won several giveaways lately. I've been really lucky, which has gotten me thinking that I need to pass along the fun. I'm still working out the details in my head, but I'm going to have a giveaway soon. Stay tuned!


Madame said...

I'm so happy to be able to share the gift of "Jillian" with another ... that woman doesn't play!!! LOL ... I'm totally rooting for you as you press towards your fitness/health objectives Tina. :) ~Paula

Charlotte Sometimes said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous blouse!

Beth said...

UGH. I have the same problem with free food....ESPECIALLY donuts. You would think that I am starving....but my thighs say I am not!

Jess said...

free-food-itis is an affliction many of us suffer from. Mine is more of a special-food-itis- if its not an everyday food, clearly I'll never see it again so I should consume a portion equivalent to my own body weight, right?

Lovely blouse! I'm sure it looked good under the jacket too ;)

Sher said...

You wore a REAL key today. Love it! I wore the ones I just got too!

Brooke said...

I love that belt against the sheer blouse - such a nice contrast.

I totally hear you about the free food. For me, it's all about the sweet stuff - cookies, candy...even if it's not particularly good, I'm all over it.

MissAmy said...

I really like this look. The combination of the lace top, belt & key necklace add a touch of the ethereal to the everyday. XOXO, MissAmy

Sheila said...

I love the sheer blouse (great details on the edging) and the key necklace - I did the same thing today, how weird is that??

I am always tempted by free food. I make people take it out of my sight. I once dumped salt all over a piece of free chocolate cake that a restaurant brought me for my birthday (okay, I had a couple of bites), then I mashed it up with a fork to make it totally inedible.

Kari said...

I am tempted by free food, too. It's somewhat hard when there is free food left out in the kitchen, but doubly hard when there is a leftover catered meal that would mean that I don't have to spend money on lunch... this is why I'm trying to bring lunches to work more often.

Tina said...

Paula - thanks so much! Jillian def does not mess around. I am a big pile of sweat when I am done.

Charlotte - thanks. I really like it. If I had realized I was going to take a pic w/o my jacket, I would have worn a different shell underneath of it. Oops.

Beth - free donuts are the devil!

Jess - seriously, why is free food such a draw? I will actually have food with me that I like better than whatever is being offered for free, and I will save my lunch for the next day and eat the free food. WTF??

Sher - I noticed! There were a lot of keys floating around. You, me, and Sheila.

Brooke - thanks. It's the first time I have worn this belt.

MissAmy - "ethereal" I love it! What a great description!

Sheila - I've resorted to that salt trick a few times. In fact today, we were talking about that at work and the men were all flabbergasted and confused but all the women said they did it from time to time.

Kari - I hear ya. The catered meals are the worst. And that's what these were. Ugh.

eednic said...

i really love this look! the sheer top with the belt is gorgeous dahling!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

you found MANOLOS at goodwill? unbelievable. congrats :D

Tina said...

eednic - thanks! I really like this blouse, but it can be hard to wear.

Thrifty Stylist - I know! Crazy, huh? I found two pairs of them. I'm pretty sure they were donated by the same person. I haven't had any such luck since then, but I'm keeping my eyes out!

Milly said...

Manolos?? Goodwill?? great luck!!!