Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big-Ass Flower

"That's one big-ass flower." That's Rand's assessment of my outfit today. Before he noticed the flower, he said I looked really nice, but I think the flower may have ruined his opinion of it. Well, it was one big-ass flower, but that was kinda the point. I made an over-the-top flower brooch out of a large silk scarf. I felt very old school Sexy and the City.

What I Wore That Was Big-Ass:

  • dress (Target)
  • jacket (Target)
  • silk scarf (??)
  • flower brooch, used in center of big-ass flower (Ross?)
  • grey satin shoes (Newport News)
  • silver/white/gold woven belt (thrifted new, Goodwill)
What I Ate That Was Out of Order:

  • breakfast: lo-carb Monster & Sunchips
  • lunch: Fiber One Honey Cluster, blueberries, 1 c. milk
  • snack: 3 frozen cookie dough blobs
  • dinner: ragin' cajun quesadilla & Shocktop beer

What I Did Instead of Happy Hour With Coworkers:


Kari said...

I love your "big-ass flower!" What a fantastic idea. Would you be able to share how you pinned it for a clumsy-fingered lass like me to mimic?

I have the same Target dress, but it's on the giveaway pile. It doesn't quite jibe with my curves the way I hoped it would. I haven't tried it as an under-layering piece, though.

Jane said...

I love your big ass flower too.
Great job on the workout.

Brooke said...

I love how creative you are with your scarves! You're always mixing it up. :)

Lola said...

Shocktop! My husband is always telling people about that beer!

Love the scarf flower - very creative idea!

Sher said...

That big ass flower would also look great in your hair, over a pony tail or at the base of a bun.

Maybe you can show us how you made that flower pin?

Stacy said...

that is one big ass flower! I love it though! It is very Carrie Bradshaw of you. =)
I'm looking at that quesdilla and beer and salivating - I won't lie.
Way to go with Jillian. She's one tough cookie.

eednic said...

one big ass flower indeed! i like the color of the dress. the green looks great on you. why must you always wear shoes that i covet with desperation? Y?

MissAmy said...

That IS a big-ass flower! Helloooooo Carrie Bradshaw. You look lovely dear! XOXO, MissAmy

Anonymous said...

1)I like your big ass flower.
2)I wish my boyfriend was as candid about what I wore as your husband is.
3)Love your blog! In fact, you're one of the ladies to inspire me to start my own. I've linked your blog on mine, hope you don't mind. :]

Askew To You said...

I'm on Day 4 of the 30 Day Shred. Wow. What a workout.

Sheila said...

I think everyone likes saying "big ass flower", ha! I like it too.

Your food is not all that bad (except for the cookie dough) - more fruit! More veggies! They're in season, girl!

I think you are awesome for sticking to that workout.

Oh, and I answered your request. :)

Tina said...

Kari - I will try to make a tutorial on how I made the big-ass flower over the weekend. Erin (Work With What You've Got) has this dress too and she doesn't like it either. It looks great on her, but isn't her style. Any chance you would model it for us once before you get rid of it? (I LOVE to see how people wear something when I have the same item.)

Jane - thanks! The workout is definitely tough. I'm taking a few days off to do other things and then I think I am going to start level 2 next week. Eeeek!

Brooke - I love scarves. I think I might have an addiction. I have so many more than you've even seen on the blog.

Lola - We like it too. They were handing out free samples one day in Whole Foods and bought some right away. It's not my favorite (that would be La Fin du Monde) but it's in our rotation.

Sher - ooooh on a bun. How very Carmen Miranda! Although if you knew how I attached it to my jacket you might not think it was such a good plan. LOL - big stick pin! Tutorial on the way!

Stacy - the quesadill wasn't the best choice but we had cooking meltdown so we ordered in. At least I ate significantly less of it than I would normally. Is okay to both love and hate Jillian?

eednic - clearly I must wear them b/c you and I are both Shoe Whores! And I say that with love and a smile. Bring on the shoes!!! Although I am actually considering giving these away. This is the first time I have worn them in over a year.

MissAmy - I actually thought of you when I made my big-ass flower, b/c you are always so creative with how you adapt items to new purposes.

Lauren - thanks! Rand is very honest which I love. I know he loves me and I know he thinks I am sexy, so I never take it personally when he tells me something negative. Plus, when he tells me something positive, I know I can beleive him 100%. He never just BSes me b/c he thinks it's what I want to hear. I love that man! And please fell free to link to my blog whenever you like. I checked yours out yesterday. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. Good luck!

Askew To You - Isn't it so much harder than it seems like it should be? The fake jumping rope always kills me. I do wish she would stretch out your calves as part of her cool-down though. They get a major workout, so I don't know why she skipped that part. I always have to take another 2 minutes to stretch mine.

Sheila - I think you are right. Everyone all together now "BIG ASS FLOWER!!!!" Wasn't that fun? LOL I do usually get tons of fruit and veggies in, but I see that you are right - none in sight on this day. oops. Thanks for writing that post about consignments. I was so excited to read it. You are such a great blogger!

Everyone - BIG ASS FLOWER!!!! I'll do a tutorial this weekend.