Monday, July 6, 2009

Le Tour is My Drug in July

I have been off my bike for way too long, but I am an avid cyclist. And I love watching the Tour de France. Today I had a mini melt down at work when I realized that I had not set up our new Tivo (we had Tivo death last night) to record the race. ACK! And I couldn't get it to stream online. Double ACK!! It's okay, though, b/c Versus is replaying it right now. So I'm blogging and watching the peloton right now.

What I Wore While Watching the Tour:

  • maroon blouse (Old Navy)
  • orange/purple/maroon skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • belt (Dots)
  • orange faux croc heels (Exchange)
  • earrings (via Ross)
  • brooch (Bren's Gemstone Jewelry)
  • stretch bracelet (no clue, but I think it's actually a hair band)

What I Ate While Searching the Net for Lance:

Once again we didn't have food in the house, so I had some leftovers, and Rand went to the store while I was at work. What a sweetheart.
  • breakfast: blueberries & coffee w/ half and half
  • lunch: chicken tiki masala w/ lite coconut milk
  • snack: frozen cookie dough (we made cookies last night and instead of making and eating them all, I froze a bunch of dough so we could have fresh baked cookies every once in a while rather. But then I remembered I love frozen cookie dough. uhoh)
  • dinner: healthy taco salad with pinto beans, tomatoes, avocado, onion,, longhorn beef, 2% cheese, and 3 tortilla chips

What I Did After Feeling Like a Slug Compared to Pro Athletes:

Day 5 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.


eednic said...

very cute outfit! i'm lovin' all the accessories, espec. belt and shoes!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!

Kelly said...

Great outfit - I particularly like this skirt on you!

Amy@ What Do I Eat Now? said...

i love the skirt is so pretty and summery!

Struggler said...

Lovely outfit, but I'm swooning over your salad. Any chance of you supplying one by mail order? :)

Diana said...

Love the color combos in this outfit!

PBC said...

You are right that is a big ass flower, and gotta love the Tour DAY Framce

Tina said...

eednic - thanks! I know you are a shoe lover just like I am.

Anon - thanks! They're really comfy too.

Kelly - thanks! As you can tell, I love my full skirts!

Amy - thanks! FYI - i've got some of your dance videos on my agenda for working out tonight. You're my own personal living room trainer!

Struggler - thanks! I am really a fan of a nice healthy taco salad in the summer. I love that longhorn beef is even lower in calories than turkey, so I get real beef in my salad - but that's probably only an option if your parents how longhorn cows like mine. Usually I load on corn and carrots and other veggies too, but I was so hungry that I rushed out of the kitchen without even remembering that we had some in the fridge.

Diana - thanks! Me too. I would never have thought to pair these colors together if it hadn't been for this skirt, but I think they actually look great together.

Denise - I'm watching the Tour at work every day. It's so exciting!!

Milly said...

Cute Skirt!

Jess said...

We are daily tour watchers as well, although I cling to the argyle armada!