Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry Potter & Stretching

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: None. Rand woke up right before I walked out the door and he was too groggy to even see what I was wearing.

What I Wore While Listening to Harry Potter on CD:

  • dusty rose graph shirt (via JCPenny)
  • brown/white skirt (Target)
  • brown leather belt (CK Jeans)
  • brown leather heels (Manolo Blahnik, thrifted Goodwill)
  • button ring (Etsy Dallas fair)
  • goldtone earrings (?)
  • goldtone belt, worn as necklace (thrifted Goodwill)

What I Ate While Following WW for the First Time:

  • breakfast: 1/2 c. low fat granola, 1 c. unsweetened Almond Breeze, 2 oz blueberries, Monster
  • lunch: almond butter & sugar-free blueberry preserves, carrot, red bell pepper, 1 c. cherries
  • snack: string cheese, SoyJoy
  • dinner: hammered chicken sandwich, edamame & zucchini salad

What I Did On a New Level:

My first day of Level 2 of The 30 Day Shred. Even on the wimpy level - Yikes! After that I did the P.M. workout on this A.M. & P.M. Stretch DVD that I got from the library. I really liked the stretch DVD. I felt like I got a good stretch, and it was relaxing without being too "new age-y."

Total for the Day: 7 glasses of water, 28 WW points (1538 calories), 50 minutes exercise (5 points earned)


Sheila said...

I love the rock n' roll inspired top with the girly accessories!

See, earning points back for exercising is one of my favourite WW things - if I want to eat it, I have to earn it! And if you want to lose faster, you just don't eat those points.

Ooh, I'm so proud of you! *hug*

Kari said...

Gorgeous! I am envious at your ability to wear belts so well with your small waist. I love the skirt.

Kari said...

Oh, by the way, I forgot to respond to your comment about the printed green dress that you liked. You *may* still be able to find it on the clearance rack in Ann Taylor. I know I saw some there a couple weeks ago when I popped into the store. May be worth a look if you like the style!

Beth said...

I love Harry Potter on CD...I'm an addict!!

eednic said...

i was about to say something about your necklace, and then read it's actually a belt, and then realized i should probably try this at some point. TOTES awesome. congrats on doing well on WW. i think you'll enjoy it. from what i understand, it has reasonable flexibility so you can feel human during your journey and not so starved and frustrated! that's what mah friend says!!

Anonymous said...

youre inspiring me to get re-energized with my exercise! if you have any of those DVDs you dont want anymore, send them my way! :)

Work With What You've Got said...

For some reason, I wasn't "following" you. VEIRD.

You look amamzing. I really hope that I can commit myself to WW agian soon. I need to SO BAD.

Kaylyn said...

I love this look. It's so cute. And way to go getting to the next level! I always seem to get stuck on level one and decide to try something else rather than moving up. Such is the life of a chronic procrastinator! :)

Jess said...

Congrats on day one!!!

Love the button ring! It's very fun and different.

Etsy Dallas said...

Hiya! Congrats on the commitment to weight loss. You look fantastic.

So glad you were able to snag a cool handmade goody at one of our shows. Any idea which crafter/designer you purchased it from? And mark that calendar for our next show: 2nd Annual Jingle Bash at Sons of Hermann Hall, Saturday Nov. 21. See you there! :)

Stephanie (Tefi Designs)
Etsy Dallas founder and such

Tina said...

Sheila - thanks for the hug!

Kari - thanks! I relly need to wear belts or my waist gets lots between the boobs and the hips! I start looking like a linebacker.

Beth - I am a total addict too. I have the books, the CDs, and the movies.

eednic - I'm a fan of the belt as necklace. I've seen Kasmira do it too. You should def give it a try.

evandine - I am in the planning stages of a giveaway, which will probably include some workout DVDs. You'll have to sign up!!

Erin- You stopped following me? Now I must cry! What meetings did you go to when you were going? I am trying to find one I like and would love your input.

Kaylyn - Oh don't think I am a stud or anything. I was just bored with the first level. The second level is a little harder, but mostly it's just different. You should give it a try. Although it really made my wrists sore.

Jess - thanks! I wish I knew what Etsy seller it was b/c I have two of her rings and I love both of them.

Stephanie - Thanks! Maybe you can help me figure that out. When I bought things at the show, I asked for cards so that I could link to the seller's etsy stores, but when I bought these, I was told that they didn't actually sell on Etsy. I was a little shocked actually. It was the very first booth on the lefthand side of the hall. I think it was three sellers all lumped together. I bought the rings from the very first person in the group. Then I bought a scrabble tile neceklace from one of the other women at the same table. The scrabble women I think is the one I gave my money to that told me they didn't have etsy shops. If you have any info I would love to link to them!