Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coordinators & Harry Potter

I wanted to look nice for my meeting with a wedding coordinator (day of only, we're on a budget!) but I wasn't feeling inspired or up to standing in my closet for a long time trying to decide what to wear. How long does it take you to decide what to wear? I usually spend about 1/2 hr to an hr on Sunday picking out for Monday - Thursday. If I haven't planned in advance it can take me 15-20 minutes in my closet.

What I Wore While Meeting a Wedding Coordinator:

  • jersey dress (Lane Bryant)
  • black satin flats (via Kohls)
  • black ribbon/pearl necklace (Target)
  • black crystal earrings (via Sam Moon)
  • black/white silk scarf, worn as bracelet a la Kimberly (Express)

What I Ate After Being Shocked At Wedding Expenses:

  • breakfast: 1 c. Fiber One, 2 oz blueberries, 1 c. Almond Breeze
  • lunch: 2 T. almond butter & 2 T. sugar free jelly sandwich, 1 c. zucchini, 1 carrot, 1 c. cherries
  • snack: cliff bar, string cheese,
  • dinner: brisket tacos, 5 tortilla chips
  • movie snacks: 45 animal crackers, 1 Hershey's Bliss dark chocolate bar, 2 Monsters (to stay awake)

We went to the midnight showing the new Harry Potter movie. I tried to be good by getting some animal crackers for the movie, and it did give me lower calories than popcorn by a LOT, but since we got them on the way to the theater, I didn't have any way to portion them out, so I ended up eating about twice as many as I wanted. But to be honest, considering I stayed up until 4 am, and spent HOURS at the theater before the movie started, I'm quite proud that the only thing I bought from the snack counter was water.

Total for the Day: 7 glasses of water, 45 points* (2481 calories), no exercise

* my daily allowance is 28, plus the 6 I earned yesterday, so I dipped into my 35 weekly extra points by 9 points. I think this was an expected and managed splurge situation and I am pleased with the outcome. Plus I am going to try to get in a lot more activity points in the next few days.


Jess said...

Love that dress!

Just adding the word 'wedding' to anything instantly doubles the price.

Diana said...

I love this dress! You look fantastic!

Sher said...

I really! I mean really! love this outfit! Blk, white, the detail... all stunning!

Maria said...

Perhaps my favorite Tina outfit of all time. And, it's a dress!! :-)

Tina said...

Jess - why is that? UGH! Maybe I need to buy a white "birthday" cake. ha!

Diana - thank you!

Sher - Thank you so much. By the end of the day I was seriously rethinking the scarf. I just can't decide. I like it in general, but this may have been the wrong scarf.

Maria - ever? really?? hehe Thanks!