Friday, July 24, 2009

Hippies & The Closer

I used to listen to podcasts a lot while I was at work, and just today rediscovered one of my favorites. It's called "More Hip Than Hippie" and it's two ladies in northern California who drink beer, eat chocolate, and talk about all things green. They cover everything and are very green-newbie friendly and are not over-the-top. In other words, even if you aren't a vegan tree-hugger they have lots of good tips. Plus they review the beer and chocolate at the end of each episode. I've discovered some really good chocolate as a result of them. You should check them out if you are a little green around the edges like me.

What I Wore While Listening To More Hip Than Hippie:

  • black tulip skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • aqua short sleeve shirt (Target)
  • skinny silvertone belt (?)
  • silvertone cuff bracelet (Payless)
  • aqua suede peeptoes (Style&Co.)
  • turquoise earrings (via Ross?)

What I Ate That Was Comforting:

  • breakfast: 1 c. Fiber One Honey Clusters, 2 oz. blueberries, Almond Breeze
  • lunch: turkey Buddig sandwich, mexican squash, baby carrots, cherries, Pop Chips
  • snack: small apple, SoyJoy, lite string cheese
  • dinner: faux fried chicken nuggets, BBQ sauce, butternut squash fries, side salad, 1 glass of white wine
  • dessert: WW english toffee crunch ice cream

What I Did While Watching The Closer:

I did my own little step aerobics routine in my living room while I watched The Closer. Love that show! Activity Points earned: 4

Total for the Day: 28 points (1411 calories), 7 glasses of water, 30 minutes of step


Work With What You've Got said...

I love all that blue!~ So pretty!

Goober said...

LOVE the blue-green of this outfit, such a pretty color on you!

Kelly said...

I love this color on you!

Diana said...

Love this outfit - especially those shoes!

Brooke said...

That top and skirt are so nice together - so pretty and flattering! I love all the draping.

Tina said...

Thanks Erin, Heather & Kelly! Y'all are too sweet. It's a favorite color of mine.

Diana - thanks! They're starting to get a little worn down looking and I'm going to be very sad when I have to give them up.

Brooke - thanks! The draping is kind to my queso baby (my lower belly) which is why I love this shirt, but I can't wear it with pants. It's horrible. Isn't that odd?

Hillary said...

This top is truely great on you. I love the style and the color. Simply fab! Oh and I looove The Closer too. She is awesome!

Kari said...

I like the idea of that podcast & will have to check it out! Thanks for recommending it.

That is such a gorgeous color. I heart your pumps!

eednic said...

shoes! belt! color! LIKE!!!

Tina said...

Hillary - thanks! She is awesome. Sometimes I wish I could be that self assured professionally.

Kari - The podcast is a lot of fun and full of good info. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

eednic - thanks!