Thursday, July 23, 2009

CopyCat - Passion For Fashion

I threatened to copy this outfit after visiting her blog, and I only made it three days before copying Passion For Fashion's casual, comfortable, and stylish look.

What I Wore While Copying Passion For Fashion:

  • T-shirt dress (Gap)
  • grey embelished cardi (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • white/silver/gold braided belt (thrifted new, Goodwill)
  • grey patent heels (Steve Madden)
  • mother of pearl earrings (inherited from grandmother)
  • black/silvertone bracelet (Ross?)
  • silvertone necklace (Ross?)

What I Ate While Trying Out A New Receipe:

  • breakfast: 1 c. Fiber One Honey Clusters, 2 oz blueberries, Almond Breeze
  • lunch: chicken Buddig sandwich, baby carrots, mexican squash, cherries, and Pop Chips
  • snack: small banana, SoyJoy, lite cheese stick
  • dinner: Tilapia with Cucumber Salad, 1 glass of wine
  • dessert: WW english toffee crunch ice cream

This fish dish was new for us. It was great! And we will definitely put it in rotation. We made twice as much cucumber salad as the receipe called for so that we would have enough veggies for dinner. Even so, it wasn't quite enough food in the long run. Maybe a small roll or a little bit of brown rice would have been a nice addition.

Total for the Day: 28 points (1391 calories), 6 glasses water, rest day


Passion4Fashion said...

I am glad you got some inspiration out of me! That means I must have done something right. You look fab!

Goober said...

I love this look. I like the belt under the cardigan - a very cute look (translation - I'm going to steal this idea very soon) :)

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I loved it on Passion and I love it on your! Good Job :-)

Diana said...

I love this look on you! Simple and classy :)

Modest Mom said...

You look quite elegant.

Tina said...

Passion4Fashion - thanks for the inspiration!

Heather - excellent! A copy cat inspires a copy cat. I love it!

Honeybunches - thanks!

Diana - thank you! It was really comfortable too.

Modest Mom - thanks!