Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Built Around a Brooch

I decided I wanted to wear this floral brooch today, so this outfit is built around that.

What I Wore Because of a Brooch:

  • brooch (Target)
  • brown slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • magenta blouse (Target)
  • cream stretch belt (Dots)
  • rafia shoes (Bandalino)
  • bug ring (Dots)
  • champagne faux pearl necklace, extended by me (charity shop)
  • champange faux pearl earrings (thrifted new, Goodwill)

What I Ate At the End of a 10 Day Food Bender:

  • breakfast: alternative bagel, greek yogurt w/ honey, watermelon
  • lunch: 3 huge slices of pizza (but not the salad b/c it had honey on it - gross)
  • snack: chocolate donettes, reeses cookies
  • dinner: didn't eat b/c stuffed from donettes

What I Did on a Ball:

Another workout video from the library: Quick Fix Stability Ball. It's 3 ten minute workouts. I've come to realize that stability ball workouts are pretty lame. I think I am going to give up on them. This video is going back to the library. I'll take my stability ball to the office to use as a chair. And that just leaves this workout tape that I should just give away. Does anyone want it?


TexNYQueen said...

Have you tried Turbo Jam yet? It's my fav workout for home. I also have a few hula DVDs that at first seem hokey, but end up being a good lower body workout and a ton of fun. I'd gladly send you a copy of the hula DVDs.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

you look super cute!

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh that color purple is so pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

(1) purple really is a great color for you! loving this outfit too!

(2) you know id be willing to take the DVD off your hands -- at this point, ill even try a BAD workout DVD, just to get me doing *something*

Lorena said...

The brooch is soo cute ... !
But, the ring... I love it :o)

Goober said...

I love how you built an outfit around the brooch - and what a cute outfit it is!

Sharon said...

Oh gosh, I love stability ball workouts. I got the best abs ever on a stability ball once upon a time :)

Sandra said...

Tina, you are looking superb! I am so envious of that dragonfly ring (bug as you call it); but, since I begged the pants from you I will simply say: Wow, you look terrific!
Sandra (aka future MIL)

Sher said...

I could not do your work outs! Ok laying back on the ball and lifting weights....I just could not multitask like that LOL!

Lovely accessories as always! Purple is THE color!

Tina said...

TexNYQueen - I have not tried turbo jam yet. I'll see if my library has it. And I would LOVE to have a copy of hula hoop workout. I will email you about it today.

Honeybunches - thanks!

Erin - thanks! I'm definitely enjoying that purple is a trendy color right now. I hadn't found any good purple pieces in a while and now there are some decent options out there.

evandine - thanks! I would love to send the DVD to you. I tried to see if you have an email address associated with your profile, but I got redirected to some weird site. So if you go to my profile and email me your address, I will send that to you.

Lorena - thanks! The bug ring is fun. But it turns my finger green.

Heather - thanks!

Sharon - You know, I used to love the stability ball. I don't know what my problem is these days.

Sandra - thanks! I don't think you would much luck getting that ring away from me. I wear it all the time. :)

Sher - haha.I did okay with that move, but there was something (I don't remember what) where I kept falling off. :) Thanks!

Deborah-lee said...

I love the way your hair falls in this picture. I'm a little behind in my blog reading. How do you think you'll wear your hair for the wedding?

I do love that shade of purple, it's perfect for you. Did you make that flower brooch? It's so damn cute!

Tina said...

Deborah-lee - Thanks! I have no idea how I will wear my hair. My is prone to major frizziness so I'll talk to a stylist about coming up with a style that keeps that in mind. I bought the brooch at Target.