Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mad Men Arrives!

I had Netflix send me the first season of Mad Men. So exciting!!

What I Wore While Watching Mad Men For the First Time:

  • dress (consignment)
  • red patent skinny belt (Target)
  • aqua/red earrings (street vendor in Austin)
  • ring (Target)
  • red leather pumps
  • red bead necklace, modified (thrifted, Goodwill)
What I Ate While Trying to be Good:


Honeybunches of Roses said...

oooooh great dress!

Ashley said...

I'm a lurker, but I had to stop lurking to say this: I. LOVE. THAT. DRESS.

Love it. I want it. Do you have the brand name or style number or anything? It's so fabulous.

Rachael said...

Fab dress!!

Beth said...

Love the dress! It looks fantastic on you!

Kasmira said...

Beautiful dress and you look beautiful in it! You're having an awesome hair day too. Do you not wear it all down much?

Milly said...

pretty dress!

Tina said...

Sorry I am so behind on responding to comments. I kept forgetting to check the label of this dress for Ashley and I wanted to reply all at once. So, sorry for the delay.

Honeybunches - thanks!

Ashley - Hey! I'm glad you delurked! It's Jonathan Marrin, Style 2923702, Cut 2I685.

Rachel - thanks!

Beth - thanks!

Kasmira - Thanks! My hair is what you would call wavy if you were being nice and frizzy as all get out if you were being blunt. And it's really dry so I only wash my hair every 4 days. So I usually wear it down for the first day or two and then up after that. Not because it's dirty, but because wavy/frizzy hair looks like crap after being slept on. And I am too lazy to spend an hour in the morning fixing it. I generally only fix it every 3 days or so. Which is why I probably wear it up more than I should. I'm lazy. On this day I think the previous days bun just happened to give it a nice curl on the end. I'll take it!

Milly - thanks!

Sandra said...

Tina, you are looking great! And that veggie pizza...oh to die for...thanks for the time you made it for me...yummy! Sandra (aka F MIL)