Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Colorblind Color Catch

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "I really like the skirt, but I don't like how the shirt doesn't match." Yes, the colorblind man just called me out for my blues not matching. I thought with the white cardi that it wasn't very noticable, but if Rand noticed, it must be worse than I thought.

What I Wore That Didn't Match Even if You are Colorblind:

  • blue T (Old Navy)
  • white cardi (Target)
  • blue/white pencil skirt (K-Mart)*
  • faux ostritch heels (Exchange)
  • orange wooden necklace (thrifted via Goodwill)
  • faux pearl earrings (??)

* I bought this skirt a few months ago and it was a tiny bit too tight. But I loved it so much that I didn't want to send it back. Today I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Well, until I tried to get into my 4Runner. That was interesting. So, it fits great while standing but is still to tight while sitting. I give it a few more weeks before it is perfect. Yay!

What I Ate That Was Mostly Orange:

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, banana
  • lunch: smoked salmon sandwich (orange #1), yellow squash, carrot (orange #2), cantaloupe (orange #3)
  • snack: apple, Cliff Z bar, cheddar stick (orange #4)
  • dinner: parchment tilapia (carrots = orange #5)
  • evening snack: 11 almonds*, cheddar stick (orange #6)

* Thanks, Sheila! Per your previous suggestion, when I realized that I needed to eat 4 more points I grabbed some almonds. It was perfect!


I only got in one walk at work today b/c I left early with a pounding headache that persisted until I went to bed.

Total for the Day: 27 points, 2 glasses of water, 3/4 mile walk


Sheila said...

What an amazing feeling to have that too-tight skirt finally fit! It looks fabulous on you! And pfft to your non-matchy blues: they GO!

Love those shoes.

Work With What You've Got said...

Yay to the skirt fitting!~

And I don't think blues have to match exactly. Rand can be SUCH a punk! ;P

Jess said...

You know, if the blues were exactly the same, it would just be too much of the same blue. I think this is fine because the top is navy, which is pretty neutral. Just tell Rand you are expressing your artistic side! :D

Sher said...

Tell him they are NOT supposed to match LOL! Love that pencil skirt!

Anonymous said...

matching is overrated! My husband called me out today saying that navy and royal blue didn't go together in his mind, but i went for it anyway and loved it!

I love that your skirt fits! You really do look great.

also - I have been meaning to ask you for the recipe of your pumpkin slush breakfast. I love pumpkin anything and thought that it look great! Can you email it me? rose.moore2@gmail.com

eednic said...

well i think the combo looks pretty dang good together! even if they are slightly different colors! in the pic, it looks nice! you pulled it all together nicely and GIVE ME YOUR SHOES.

Askew To You said...

I think that the blues are complimentary, so they don't have to match exactly. This is one of my favorite outfits so far. The skirt fits beautifully. :)

Tina said...

Sheila - that's what I told Rand - they GO!

Erin - LOL. I'm gonna tell him that you said that.

Jess & Sher - exactly. Too matchy matchy is not how I roll (usually).

fromsneakerstostilettos - how coincidental. It must have a non matching blue kind of day!

eednic - One of these days I am going to have to mail you a pair of shoes!

Askew To You - thanks! I felt pretty all day long, and nothing beats that.

Kari said...

gorgeous skirt! That's wonderful that it fits better now - it looks perfect on you. (And from K-mart? What a great purchase.)

Actually, I like that the blues don't match. It looks intentional, like you are trying to have an interesting monochromatic outfit. The orange and yellow accessories really bring out the tones of the blue clothes since they are complementary colors.

Tina said...

Thanks Kari! We don't have K-marts in Dallas anymore, but I noticed that Kimberly posts some really cute stuff from there, so I checked out their online options. It's hit and miss but they really have some fun stuff and it all goes on sale so quickly.