Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homage to the Purple Lady

When I was growing up, I lived in southern Virginia. And there was this woman who everyone knew of. She was The Purple Lady because everything she wore was purple. Everything. I even saw her once with a purple purse that she had made from carpet. Where do you find purple carpet? Well, I'm sure she had lots of it b/c not only did she only wear purple but she also extended purple into every part of her life - she even painted the public light posts in front of her house purple up as far as she could reach. So, I dedicate today's outfit to her. She would have approved of the color of my sweater, even if the other items weren't quite the right shade of purple.

What I Wore While Channeling The Purple Lady:

  • lavendar tweed skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • lavendar T (Target)
  • purple sweater (Target)
  • purple/taupe faux snakeskin flats (Target)
  • beaded belt (no clue. It's sooo old)
  • fauz champagne earings (thrifted new, Goodwill)
  • faux champagne necklace (thrifted, Ladies of Charity)
  • purple glass brooch (inherited from grandmother)

What I Ate After A New WW Meeting:

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, bagel, apple
  • lunch: smoked salmon sandwich, carrot, yellow squash, cantaloupe
  • snacks: nonfat greek yogurt, blueberries, Cliff Z bar
  • dinner: footlong veggie delight sub with cheese (Subway)
  • dessert: 5 almonds


I totally forgot one of my walks and stood up my walking budding in the afternoon. Oops. 1.25 miles walking.

Weekly Weigh-In:

I tried out a new WW meeting today on the advice of a neighbor that usually attends this meeting. As a result I weighed in after eating all my daily food except dinner. Usually I weigh in first thing Sat mornings, before I eat anything. So that combined with some poor shoices over the weekend resulted in a 3 lb GAIN. ugh. If I had to guess, I would say that I actually gained about 1/2 lb and the other 2.5 lbs is just from the different weigh in time. That's based on what my scale at home says. I'm trying not to let it get me down. I just need to compare this weight to what the meeting next Tuesday evening says. Then it's apples to apples and not oranges. However, I am bummed that they had a substitute meeting leader, so I didn't even get to see if liked this leader. And I have no idea what the meeting topic was. Basically she just told us about her life. It was odd. But I did get to share my diet margarita recipe, which all the other Tex-Mex loving ladies (that's all of us here in Texas) seemed very interested in. So maybe not a total waste of an hour.

Total for the Day: 26.5 points, 1.25 miles walking, 3 pound gain


Jess said...

Lovelovelove all the purple and champagne!

That is annoying about the weigh in. I don't wear special clothes to weigh in, so I know that also affects my own weights week to week. A single week to week in general doesn't give a totally accurate picture imo- what if you drink more or less that day? What if you are dehydrated from having alcohol the night before? What if you are retaining water that week? etc. etc. etc. So I go the neurotic route and also weigh myself at home excessively. I find it has really helped me understand how different things cause my eight to fluctuate and helps me differentiate between real and artificial weight changes.

eednic said...

your purple ensemble is lovely! and i adore that belt. i tried on those flats at Target recently. i liked them but already had 3 pairs of shoes in my basket, so....i decided to ponder them for a longer period of time and up until now, hadn't thought of them! (thanks alot!! >:O) (just joking)

yeah i always weigh myself in the mornings before eating anything, but after visiting the bathroom. i think it's much more accurate.

Becky said...

Oooh I love your razzly-dazzly belt! I go to Curves, but I haven't been in 3 weeks, I shudder to think how much weight/how many inches I've gained...I can FEEL it in the way my clothes fit :/

Kimberly said...

Love the purple and that belt is so J. Crew-esque!

Sher said...

In our house we have been lax all summer and are paying for it now. Suddenly trying to run 3miles to get ready for fall sports. Ouch!

The Patersons said...

Hi, I think you look lovely in this purple ensemble.

Re: the weigh-in, don't be discouraged - as long as you're moving in the right direction over a long period of time, you're on the right track.

hillary said...

I am not your leader so take this as you will. I am a lifetimer though.

One you WILL gain. It happens. There will be weeks that you do everything right and you are up 4 even at your regular time. Also this is NONE of my business but I don't think you are eating enough points. If 27 is your minimum every leader I have had said you need to mix it up. 27 one day 30 another 33 another. Are you eating your bank? I found I always lost more when I had a good amount of my bank each week.

now that I stuck my nose where it doesnt belong you look lovely in the purple!

Lesa said...

Your outfit is gorgeous, I love the purple. I have been on Weight Watchers before and I am just starting to try again. You were my inspiration to get started again. Don't be discouraged.It seems to me you are doing great and the low-cal, low fat meals you put together look delicious.

Lola said...

I never used to like purple, but I got a purple shirt for last fall and this spring got a purple cardigan, and it's like my new favorite color!

Speaking of purple carpet... we have a room in our house with nice plush carpet the same shade as your sweater. It used to be a baby nursery, with yellow walls and a purple ceiling, but currently my husband is using it as an art studio, since we won't mind if he gets paint on that wacky carpet :o)

Leina said...

You look awesome in purple! The tone on tone with the splash of champagne rocks.

Cindyluvtoshop said...

I hear ya on the weigh ins! I have mine today! Hoping to hit 70 lbs lost today! Wish me luck! What is your margarita recipe?


Brooke said...

Aw, you look so pretty! The purple is nice with your hair. I like the overall proportions of this outfit too.

Tina said...

Jess - thanks. I agree totally so I'm not really too worried about it. I don't wear special outfits either. In fact, I weigh in wearing my shoes and everything. People give me really odd looks for that.

eednic - Yep - I def prefer weighing in first thing in the morning after the bathroom. I think it gives you a nice consistent baseline.

Becky - oooh I hate it when I can feel my clothes get tighter. Get back to Curves! You'll feel better. :)

Kimberly - thanks! I guess that's why it's great to hold onto things. They all come back into fashion at some point.

Sher - 3 miles? Ouch! I can't even run 1/2 mile.

Patersons - thanks! I'm trying to keep that frame of mind so I don't get knocked off track completely.

Hillary - all advice is welcome, so feel free to comment anytime! I do try to mix up how many points I eat. It's just that lately I've really been eating on lot on the weekends, so I've been saving my extra points for then, which of course you don't see since I rarely blog my weekends. Once I get my weekends back under a reasonable amount of control, I'll try to vary my weekly points too.

Lesa - awww. That really makes me smile that I've inspired you to get back into WW. Isn't it amazing how all these blogs can affect your life? So many have inspired me too. I love it! Good luck and keep me posted.

Lola - I knew they had to make purple carpet!! I can't even imagine seeing it in a house today. Send a pic!

Leina - thanks!

Cindy - that's amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed that you hit 70 lbs. The margarita recipe is super simple and delish:

- tall glass of ice
- shot of tequila
- lime wedge, squeezed
- diet sprite
- splenda packet

I even take my own bottle of diet sprite/7-up into restaurants. Every single waiter and bartender has told me it's fine.

Brooke - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tina--I love your purple outfit! Please tell me that the skirt is new andthat you can still purchase it or I will be sad!!! I know that I have only been reading your blog for a little while but I must say, I can really tell that you have lost a lot of weight!! I think you look fabulous!! Think about how many people you have inspired to do the same!!!

THe other Tina said...

I don't know why my comment came up as anonymous....it's me..the other Tina

Tina said...

The Other Tina - You are so sweet. Thanks! And, sorry, but the skirt is at least 4 years old.

Barbara said...

Lovely purple and ,oh, the brooch!!