Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Insert Clever Title Here

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "Sexy. It's short." and right before I left "You look sexy." Hey do you think Rand liked this simple outfit maybe??

What I Wore That Was Shorter Than Usual:

  • black/white jersey dress (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • pink belt (Walmart)
  • black satin ballet flats (via Kohl's)
  • earrings and bracelet (Ross?)
  • necklace (gift from my sister for being in her wedding)

What I Ate That Was Soggy:

  • breakfast: barley pumpkin sludge
  • lunch: rosemary chicken breast sandwich, asian cabbage salad, red and yellow grape tomatoes, and watermelon
  • snack: Rachel's pink grapefruit and lychee yogurt, cantaloupe, Cliff Z bar
  • dinner: red beans and rice with turkey sausage and extra beans, side salad
  • dessert: Skinny Cow ice cream cone

What I Did While I Wasn't Quite Awake:

Step aerobics is a little difficult when you're not fully awake yet. But I was determined to get in some exercise before going to work and I had In Shape With Sharon Mann Tivoed, so I suffered through. Normally I like step but it requires a little bit of pep in your step to be a good workout and I was just slogging through it. But it was better than sleeping in another 30 minutes. And after you blast through the commercials, it's really short. Really short.

Walked with my friend again today, plus once on my own for another mile and a half today. Yay!

Total for the Day: 26.5 points*, 18 minutes of step, 1.5 miles walking

* under again. I think it's all the filling fruits and veggies, b/c I was plenty full today and I couldn't see stuffing in more food just to add 1.5 points before I went to sleep.


eednic said...

erik almost never sees me in work clothes but i am looking forward to the day when i get a "you look sexy!" in the morning before going to work! ;)

Kasmira said...

Yay, Step Aerobics! Bet you didn't know I teach a step class once a week. Today, in fact.

Lorena said...

Wow its always nice to begin your day with a compliment! how sweet.

Tina said...

eednic - Well considering that you are a sexy lady, I am sure that you will get that all the time when he sees you in the mornings. :)

Kasmira - you do? It's my favorite type of exercise class actually, but I am only good at the basic to moderate stuff. The really complex moves baffle me. I was going to this class for a while that was so complicated that my heartrate actually dropped as I stood there and stared at the instructor trying to figure out what the heck my feet were supposed to be doing. Oh well, when in doubt do corner knees, right?

Lorena - it was nice to hear, but it also made me realize that my dress was probably a little too short for work. :)

Sheila said...

You look awesome! Great legs, lady!

If you find yourself short a few points (and you should try to eat them all), have something like a few nuts, or a glass of milk (something in the protein family), especially now that you are getting yourself more active. Well done! I hate having only 18 points a day sometimes...

Sher said...

Nope, definitely not too short! Perfect for a workday.

Diana said...

I agree with Rand on this one - this dress looks awesome on you!

Christina Lee said...

oh I am IN LOVE with your outfit- what a great find in that jersey dress!!!

Tina said...

Sheila - good tip about the nut or milk. I have a huge jar of almonds in my pantry that I could have grapped a few of. Next time I will definitely do that.

Sher - thanks! I did have to watch it a little when I sat down but otherwise it seemed fine.

Diana - thanks!

Christina Lee - thanks! I thought it was a huge find too. :)