Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Would You Do That?!?!

Oh how I love this man. Lately he's been downloading my blog pics off my camera and emailing them to me in a zip file. Today this pic ---> was mixed in with them. I'm a dino freak and he knows just how to make me smile.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "Why would you do that? It's like wearing plaid and stripes. Why would you do that?!?!?! But I like that your belt buckle is a mobius strip." Yep, that's my nerdy fiance.

What I Wore That Freaked Rand Out:

  • blue/cream dress (Target)
  • purple/purple cardi (Target)
  • blue/cream patent pumps ($9.99 Shoe Store)
  • goldtone brooch, worn as a belt buckle (borrowed from Maria)
  • gold earrings (hand-me-down from Mom)
  • cloisonette key necklace (thrifted, Goodwill)

Edited to Add - Kasmira just left a comment and pointed out that she did almost the exact same thing in April. If it's good enough for Kasmira then we know it's certainly good enough for me. In fact, my guess is that her outfit has been tucked away in the back of my brain for months and what I thought was an original outfit that I came up with, was really just a copycat of Kasmira. Thanks for the inspiration, Kasmira! You rock!

What I Ate That Made My Mouth Burn:

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, bagel, blueberries
  • lunch: smoked salmon sandwich, carrot, red and green bell peppers, apple
  • snack: cheese stick, Cliff Z bar, banana
  • dinner: 4 buffalo chicken fingers, ranch dipping sauce, waffle fries, beer (Pluckers)
  • dessert: several handfuls of chocolate chips


2 worktime walks for 1 mile.

Total for the Day: 8 glasses of water, 63.5 points, 1 mile of walking


Ally said...

I have that dress and love it. I'm pretty pedestrian and never have worn anything "fun" with it, but I feel like I should now!

Kasmira said...

Why WOULDN'T you do that? :)

I wore stripes with mine too. Awesome look!

Tina said...

Ally - go for it! I can't wait to see.

Kasmira - I bet your outfit was tucked away in my brain and that's why I wore this. I totally copied you without even realizing it. I better add a link back to your post! :)

Work With What You've Got said...

Ahahahahaha. I love Rand. I don't know him, but I love him.

And I really like this outfit. I think it's a wee bit over the top in the best way. I'm an over the top kind of girl, to be honest.

The other tina said...

That's so funny cuz when I aw this pic I thought Kasmira has that dress (I love her blog!!!) I'm jsut mad at myself for not buying it when I saw it at Target!!!! It looks great !!

Kari said...

Rand's assessments are precious!

I love that dress. It's so fun to see you both wearing it!

Tina said...

Erin - Some day you'll have to meet him. :)

The Other Tina - It is a great dress, and so many lovely blog ladies have it. I love seeing how everyone wears it. It inspires me - clearly, since I copied Kasmira. LOL

Kari - Thanks! I think Rand is feeling pressure now that he knows I'm posting what he says and that people enjoy his comments.