Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bring Us Bevo!

Today was a little interesting at work. A little background for those of you not from Texas or Oklahoma - there is a huge college football game here in Dallas every year in October. It's called Texas/OU weekend aka The Red River Shootout, and it's a Big Deal. A coworker of mine received a package that he had ordered in preparation of the big event. This is an 8 foot inflatable Bevo in honor of his (and my) alma mater. Can you name this realty TV star with Bevo?

What I Wore While Watching Bevo Inflate:

2009-09-03 combo

  • black slacks, getting too baggy in the butt (Lane Bryant)
  • grey stretch shell (it's from the 90s)
  • floral cardigan (Target, thrifted new from Goodwill)
  • black silk scarf (?)
  • silvertone/black flower brooch (thrifted Goodwill)
  • grey earrings (Target, thrifted new Goodwill)
  • silver bracelet (gift from a friend - Thanks, Magnolia!!!)
  • black flats (Simply Vera)

What I Ate While Resisting All-You-Can-Eat Pizza:

2009-09-03 food

  • breakfast: granola, peanut butter, yogurt, blueberries
  • lunch: chicken Buddig sandwich, cantaloupe, snow peas, carrot
  • snack: apple, cheese stick, Cliff Z bar
  • dinner: beef stroganoff, roasted zucchini

Total for the Day: 32.5 points, 1/2 mile walking


Jodi K said...

Love this outfit! I am having a hard time being to matchy matchy - this is a nice balance.

Sheila said...

Wow, that cardigan makes your waist look TINY!

Fab outfit!

Sher said...

Fabulous cardi! And from goodwill? what a find!

Jess said...


I am not telling my hubby about the giant inflatable Bevo, cause then he will want one. LOL

I went to SMU but my heart belongs to Texas because I love me some good football.

Tina said...

Jodi - thanks! I am matchy matchy sometimes too.

Sheila - excellent! Thanks. Sadly the stupid cardi won't stay buttoned. I'm going to have to make the button holes smaller, I think.

Sher - thanks!

Jess - I went to SMU for law school and I still go to the tailgates (free food and beer? I'm in!) but I never go to the games, b/c they football team is so bad. So I feel your pain.

Tina said...
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Kari said...

Man, you have such a small waist, Tina!

I love that black and white cardigan. It makes the neutral outfit look really sophisticated and interesting. I'd totally try to copy your outfit with my own B&W cardi if I had a gray camisole and black scarf!

BAM said...

Love the cardigan.

I was just saying last night - yeah for college football! I seriously love this time of year just for that reason. People get so silly and caught up in it, that you can't help but get sucked in!

I went to Univ. of Florida and then Texas A&M*, so I guess it's a good thing that I like the game.

(*I'm not starting a rivalry here)

Kasmira said...

You look very elegant.

I think I am unduly influenced by the hair, though. Do you notice I always comment when you wear your hair down? I think it really complements your style.

eednic said...

lookin' good! love that cardi and scarf! so you went to UT? did you go to law school there too (i hope i'm not sniffing glue and you really are a lawyer/attorney...right???) maybe i should sniff some glue anyways just in case.

i'd like to know more about your education because i'm considering my next step as far as that goes and really would like to hear about your experiences.

Diana said...

I absolutely love the way you wore your scarf here! It's gorgeous. I might have to steal this look sometime :)

Work With What You've Got said...


That cardigan looks amazing.

OK, I do not get the whole Texas/OU thing. And by "don't get" I mean "It annoys the pants off me" because it takes over my whole city and I just want to be able to go to a bar but they are super over crowded with drunk and annoying out of towners and I have to stay in to avoid the whole thing. :D

Anonymous said...

So fabulous on top of being extremely flattering! XOXO, MissAmy

Struggler said...

I love that outfit on you; you look so classy. A real winner, I think.

Lorena said...

loving your scarf detail !

Deborah-lee said...

You look so healthy and fabulous. I love the print on the cardi and that rose brooch is just lovely!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

oh my goodness, I didn't even recongize you...I know I say this a million times, but you really do look amazing! I'm speachless!

Tina said...

Kari - thanks! I wish my waist was tiny. It's just tiny compared to the hips and boobs. I almost bought you a black silk scarf today at Goodwill, but when I looked at it closely it wad a flaw so I left it.

BAM - thanks! No worries about the rivalry. I even dated a guy in the core when I was at UT.

Kasmira - thanks! I prefer my hair down too. Sadly, I am a lazy lazy girl and it takes forever to do b/c I've got a ton of frizzy hair. I have been thinking lately that I need to suck it up and actually style it a bit more often.

eednic - I went to UT for undergrad. I have film degree actually. I went to SMU for lawschool. I am happy to talk to you about anything you want. Drop me an email and we'll chat.

Diana - thanks! I look forward to seeing it on you!

Erin - Thanks! As a student I was all about the craziness; as an alum I still get riled up about the game; as a Dallas resident, I hate all the insanity.

MissAmy - thanks!

Struggler - thanks!

Lorena - thanks!

Deborah-lee - aww you are too sweet!

Honeybunches - oh hush. You're amking me blush. thanks!

Brooke said...

You look so lovely and chic and French! I dig that brooch. I bow to your Goodwill-fu. ;)

Jess said...

Hot mamma! It's a very flattering outfit :)

I have no idea who is in the photo- I feel so uncool now.

I find the name 'Red River Shootout' a little questionable for a college sporting event, but having attended PSU I know how easy it is to get swept up in the insanity of college football. And I hear you Texans are extra crazy for your football.

Tina said...

Brooke - thanks! I've been getting really lucky with the Goodwill jewelry lately. I think it makes up for the fact that it can be hard to find clothing in my size that isn't a mumu.

Jess - yes we are definitely crazy about football down here. That is Jeremy from the Bachelorette. I don't watch the show, but I do work with him, so I hear about it.