Friday, September 4, 2009

Disco Diva

No fashion today. I had a quick interview so I had to throw on my interview suit, which you've seen before. But I did get some non-walking exercise, so you know I have to talk about that!

What I Did Thanks To Cranky Fitness:

2009-09-04 exercise

I won a workout DVD from a giveaway on Cranky Fitness. If you are interested in fitness, you have to got to read this blog. It's written by two hilarious, well-informed women: Crabby McSlacker (best name EVA!) and Merry. I love them and so will you. So I finally got off my butt to try out one of the two DVDs they sent me. Both of them are So You Think You Can Dance workout DVDs. I selected the Cardio Funk. I did the warm-up (10 minutes) and then I selected the the Disco workout (as if you couldn't tell from my lovely pose above).

Here's what I like:

  • nice long warm up
  • very clear instruction
  • everyone on the video actually seems like they're having fun and it makes you want to enjoy it too.

Here's what I don't like:

  • most of the video is the instruction part (10 minutes per dance type) and that part isn't really a workout
  • the only real workout part is only 5 minutes per dance
  • I didn't really break a sweat

I'll do this video again, but it's really geared more for people who want to dance than people who want to get in a good sweaty workout.


Sher said...

I enjoy your work out posts! And this one even sounds like fun :)

good luck on the interview!

Merry said...

I'm glad you had fun, even if you didn't get a workout.

But hey! The next time you're at a party and someone cranks up the music, you will be ready to show off some pretty cool moves :)

Kari said...

What a fun picture, hehe.

Best of luck on the interview, Tina!

PBC said...

YMCA, YMCA love it T

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

the workout looks like it was fun, even if you didnt get a sweaty sesh out of it!!! good job!!

Jess said...

Heeheehee! I love the workout posts!

Hope the interview went well!

Tina said...

Sher - thanks!

Merry - thanks again for the DVDs! You better believe that I am going to bust out this dance move at the next party. And I've already had a couple of people as to borrow it.

Kari - thanks!

Denise - well you of all people should enjoy my disco moves. Maybe I'll do my own workout routine with a little Bus Stop in it. Think I remember all those moves from the basement? ha!

Amy - thanks! I totally had fun and that is a major plus in any workout!

Jess - thanks!