Monday, September 28, 2009

Challenge: A Week Without a Belt?

A coworker commented to me that I wear a belt every day and that she's never known anyone else who wears belts so much. I must admit that I really rely on them to put a finishing touch on an outfit. And, since I have big hips and a large chest, the cinching effect at my waist keeps me from looking like a linebacker. So here's the question? Can I go a whole week without wearing a belt and still feel like I look polished? I think that the girls at Academichic did a similar challenge at the beginning of summer.

What I Wore Without a Belt:

2009-09-28 combo

  • brown skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • aqua/brown sheer peasant blouse (Lane Bryant, Goodwill)
  • aqua satin belt/scarf (via Ross??)
  • leaf brooch (Goodwill)
  • aqua earrings (vis Ross??)
  • razor blade bracelet (from fabulous Erin's Etsy Shop LoveErinDesigns)
  • brown tweed mules (I forgot to look - they are really old)
  • purse (Target)
What I Ate that Was Halfway Decent:

2009-09-28 food

  • breakfast: chai tea, cheesy egg, alternative bagel, 2 cuties
  • lunch: buddig sammie, 2 carrots, apple, cheesestick, water
  • snack: carrot (b/c the banana was bad inside), thinkOrganic bar
  • dinner: chinese food


One 1/2 mile walk at work and a tiny bit of hula hooping, while showing my coworkers how to use it.


SCS917 said...

Today I never wear belts with skirts. But this morning I put on a belt and thought: "I look just like T" and now I find out you're not wearing a belt all week. Hmmm.

Tina said...

Sorry to let you down, Sarah. I can guarantee that I'll be back to belts next week! And skirt. Lots of belts and skirts cuz that's how I roll. Usually.

eednic said...

you look fab here! love that scarf! and the colors! Woot!

and i adore belts. they can completely change the look of an outfit. i don't think i'd last a week without one personally, mostly because i just don't want to!

TexNYQueen said...

I fell in love with the wide belt under the boobs look and bought several. Only problem is that look makes me look like a short Pam Anderson.

I have a bunch of belts, use scarves as belts and have even used longer necklaces as belts. But I always feel like I didn't really pull the belted look together. Oh well, I will probably have a stack of them for the swap!

Brooke said...

The opening picture of the academichic ladies' beltless challenge was pretty hilarious:

It's so cool that you're challenging yourself. Can't wait to see what else you do!

Sheila said...

I think this looks great without a belt - the focus is still on your waist.

Great colour mix!

Tina said...

Cindee - I hear ya. I love my belts. Hope I don't have withdrawal.

LeShaune - Well at least you might get something good in exchange for them, since they dont' work for you.

Brooke - thanks for the link. I forgot to link to them. Bad Tina! Adding link now.

Sheila - thanks!

Sher said...

As you already know, I LOVE turquoise and brown!

Kimberly said...

Good luck - I could never go a week without them! I hope they stay on-trend for a very long time!! That top is really pretty - you would match my kitchen perfectly today which is also turquoise and brown!

ArkieStyleErin said...

Ever since I started blogging and photographing my outfits, I totally rely on belts too! I'm scared to tuck in a shirt with no belt, seeing as I have the shorest torso known to man. But you look great, good job on your self challenge!

Kayla said...

It's funny that you mention this challenge because this week I decided that I don't belt enough, and I need to ty it more often! It's funny how the same trend can work so well for one person ( being you) and not so well for another ( that ones me)!

Jess said...

That is a *great* pin!

You look great in belts! You give me home that maybe one day I too can look cool in a belt. Right now they just hold my pants up.

Askew To You said...

I appreciate your style with or without a belt. :) Your pin is especially lovely.

The other Tina said...

I am too self conscious to wear a belt --I rarely wear anything that has to be tucked in--but you pull it off beautifully! Plus you have some great belts!

Struggler said...

Belts are definitely your trademark, nothing wrong with this.

Like Kayla, I don't make nearly enough use of belts. I tend to wear them to stop my pants falling down (big butt & small waist, that's me) but otherwise, hardly ever.

Kari said...

You *do* look great with belts. It's funny - my proportions are similar to yours, but I just don't feel like I look my best in them even though I wear them from time to time. I feel much more confident with the cinching effect of a waistcoat instead.

Tina said...

Sher - it's a great color combo, I agree. My bedroom used to be decorated in it, and I loved it!

Kimberly - Amen, sister! Please don't let belts go out of fashion anytime soon!

ArkieStyleErin - I have the exact opposite problem - my torso is so long that I can't tuck things in very well b/c they just pull back out since they were only ever tucked inabout an inch to begin with.

Kayla - agreed. Although I didn't always wear belts. I really embraced them about 3 years ago. Before then I would have been too selfconcious of my queso baby (that's my big lower belly pooch)

Jess - thanks! I think it's really amusing that I wear belts constantly, but almost never to hold my pants up. I think last Friday is the first time I have used a belt for it's intended purpose in years. No exaggerating.

Askew To You - thanks! I just loaned it to Maria this week. I can't wait to see how she wears it.

The Other Tina - thanks! I've really added to my belt collection this year. I think I have too many now, but as long as I have this huge closet, I'm not going to worry about it.

Struggler - Yeah, I have a big butt and a small waist too, which is why I like the belt - otherwise my waist gets lost in the middle of the butt and boobs. I must cinch it in just to find it again.

Kari - I love a good vest for that very same reason! I think I would wear more fo them if I could find ones that fit my boobs and were still small enough in the waist. I've got one, and I'm sad to say that I'm starting to get too skinny for it. :(