Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Copycat - Keiko Lynn

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "That looks like a doily. That's a doily shirt."

Coincidentally, the same day that I bought this shirt at Goodwill, I saw Keiko Lynn's post. Her dress inspired me to pair the shirt with a full skirt.

What I Wore While Copying Keiko Lynn:

2009-09-29 combo

  • black embroidered skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • white lace shirt (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • black sequin screwback earrings (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • cotton strand bracelet (made by Maria)
  • black ribbon heels (Nine West via 6pm)
What I Ate That Was Actually Healthy ALL DAY LONG:

2009-09-29 food

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, alternative bagel, 2 cuties
  • lunch: chicken sandwich, 2 carrots, apple, cheesestick
  • dinner: vegetarian "chicken" parmesan, spaghetti squash, garlic toast, red wine


I brought my hula hoop to work b/c there is a ton of open space and I don't really have room to do it at home. Almost all of my coworkers took a turn. I hooped for about 5 minutes. And I went on one 1/2 mile walk at work.


Sheila said...

Oh, I really like this! That top is just gorgeous. That kind of lace is called Battenburg lace - it's all hand-stitched.

Love those shoes!!

Kari said...

That is so fun to hula hoop at work!

Great takeoff on Keiko Lynn's outfit. I love your lace top and your pretty tie-up shoes!

Kasmira said...

Lovely blouse! I'm so jealous!

A Shopaholic in Chicago said...

I love your earrings. I want them :)

Sher said...

Now I see a close up of this blouse. So pretty and feminine.

eednic said...

what an elegant outfit! i can't believe you found that top thrifting! it's superb and looks to be in great shape.

Work With What You've Got said...

That is crazy stunning hot fantastic fun times on you.

Tina said...

Sheila - Thanks! I always wondered what Battenburg lace looked like.

Kari - thanks!

Kasmira - thanks! I felt really luckt to have found the skirt at Goodwill.

Shopaholic - thanks! They're screwbacks, so they hurt my ears by the end of the day.

Sher - thanks!

Cindee - thanks! It really is in great shape. The only thing I did to it was remove the silk cami underneath it (b/c it was giving me squished boobs).

Erin - Thanks! LOL