Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Look at My Zipper!

This was a rough day with this skirt. After I got to work I realized that the seam for the zipper in the back had blown a pretty big hole. This was esp bad since I wasn't just sitting down at work all day. I had another 4 hr seminar with hundreds of Dallas attorneys after work. So I got to show my slip to lots of colleagues and other people that I really wouldn't want to see me like that. Plus I noticed that it had really gotten quite faded, so I didn't look as polished as I would have liked. More on that later.

What I Wore While Trying to Hide a Blown Zipper:

2009-09-23 combo

  • green v-neck T (Target)
  • black skirt (Lane Bryant) *
  • grey sweater jacket (Nine West, thrifted Goodwill)
  • black cut-out pumps (Circa by Joan & David)
  • emerald earrings (gift)
  • green glass ring (borrowed from Maria)
  • gold/black/rhinestone brooch (borrowed from Maria)
  • SMU Law School pin (gift from school)

* When I got home, I dropped this skirt in the washing machine along with two pairs of pants and a slip and redyed them all. (the slip was originally white, but everything else was faded black. I can't wait until they've dried to see if they look new again.

What I Ate That Made Me Ask Rand to Start Questioning Me About My Food:

2009-09-23 food

  • breakfast: McGriddle sandwich, chicken sandwich, hash browns, mocha (McDonalds)
  • lunch: turkey & veggie sub, Sun Chips, Izze soda (Jimmy Johns)
  • snack: Star Crunch (Little Debbie)
  • dinner: taco salad, chips & queso, 2 oatmeal raisin cookies

So, for the last 2 days after work, a coworker and I have been attending a family law seminar. She and I both have contract jobs, so we are both looking for real employment with lawfirms. So appearance is important right now when we are in front of the Dallas legal community. She didn't want anyone wondering what was going on when I took a picture of my dinner, so she forbid me from doing it. I honestly didn't think anyone would notice, but I completely understood. So you don't have a picture of my really gross and overpriced dinner.

Speaking of gross, I feel gross. Rand feels gross. We have spent way too much money lately, eating too few veggies and too much grease. We have both commented on how we feel icky now. And my skin has just turned into a dull, zit-filled, puffy mess. So I asked Rand to check in on me so that I don't sneak off and buy fast food at lunch. Accountability! And we are going to the grocery ASAP.


Work With What You've Got said...

Those earrings are re-dic!~ Love them.

I’m right there with you on the food. I just want fried pickles and a soda all the time. It’s bad.
And half my issue is a lack of groceries as well, because last Sunday instead of shopping I read YA fiction about a Vampire Academy instead of going to Kroger.

And GIRL, how on earth does your hair look so amazing with the weather we have been having?

Brooke said...

I love how the ring picks up the color of your top. Lovely.

I am sending you lots of positive veggie vibes. :)

Kari said...

Oh no, shame about the skirt! However, at least you were wearing a slip in the first place. Also, your jacket is adorable.

Yeah, I doubt anyone would notice you photographing your dinner, but I understand being cautious when you are working on contract. My previous job was a contract position so I totally understand the pressure of trying to create a good image in the hopes that it will lead to more permanent or stable employment.

Struggler said...

I like your after-work seminar look, it's stylish and very professional.

Interesting that you've noticed you feel different from eating bad stuff; I'm not sure I feel the difference as clearly... Hopefully this makes it easier for you to get back to the healthy items!

I have an award to offer you, if you'd care to come on over to Struggling to be Stylish to collect it.

Tina said...

Erin - Thanks! My parents gave me those earrings. They are copies of a pair my Mom had that I lusted after for years. And my hair is one big giant frizzball right now. I'm just ignoring that and pretending that it looks ok. ha!

Brooke - thanks! And thanks for the veggie vibes too. I'm starting to get back on track.

Kari - yeah, it's not the first time that a slip has saved me from major embarassment. It's a good thing that I decided that I like wearing them.

Struggler - I didn't use to notice the difference between eating poorly and eating well - probably b/c I wasn't eating as well and as consistently as I had been. Nor do I usually go off on such a long grease and sugar bender as I have recently. But this time it was quite clear. Yuck.

Joanna said...

I love your earrings, too!

And don't you just love dying oldclothes? I never would have done it a few years ago, but now it's the perfect savior for faded stuff. I even bleached a pair of faded black jeans to gray this spring :)

MY husband and I are usually healthy eaters, so when we binge, we BINGE. I'm talking 4 bags of Doritos in two days, plus pizza for dinner and a batch of brownies. That bloated, sweaty feeling of death that follows is worse than Catholic guilt!