Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wonder Girl to the Fashion Rescue!

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: Rand came into the closet while all I had on was my underthings. "You look like Wonder Girl." And he was right. I looked in the mirror and just giggled at myself. And then after I finished getting dressed, "Is this your frumpy lawyer disguise that you will rip off and expose your super hero costume?" Rand hates cardigans, so anything with a cardi is immediately frumpy to him.

What I Wore While in Disguise:

2009-09-22 combo

  • blue/cream dress (Target)
  • orange crochet tank (Old Navy)
  • orange cardi (Clothes Horse consignment store)
  • ostrich heels (via DSW)
  • bag (Old Navy)
  • belt (Dots)
  • citron glass earrings (borrowed from Maria)
  • brooch (Bren's Gemstone Jewelry Etsy shop)

I swear my boobs didn't look that schlumpy in real life. But by the time I got home from work followed by a four hour family law seminar I was tired and rumpled.


The other tina said...

great color combo! The purse looks like the one from target--the Hollywood Intuition line. I almost bought I'm thinking I might!

eednic said...

hey now Rand! that cardi is a gorgeous color! and just look at the brooch! FAB-U-LOUS! of course, this is not to negate the fact that Tina is indeed a super hero. ;)

hillary said...

Dave is the opposite he LOVES cardigans. Its part of the sexy secretary thing I think.

Tina said...

The Other Tina - I got mine at Old Navy last year. I actually use it a lot since it's so big that I can stuff the whole world into it. Very heavy, but very handy.

Cindee - Thanks. LOL. Some days I really wish that I was a super hero, but I have not yet figured out what my super power would be. The ability to use a belt?? ha!

hillary - I love the sexy secretary look! I even brought that up to Rand after you left your comment and his reply was that he didn't think secretaries were sexy, but that he might have a different opinion if he actually had a secretary. Uh oh! :)

hillary said...

has he ever seen the maggie G movie the secretary? He might change his mind!

Tina said...

hillary - I've seen that movie and that is an excellent suggestion!

Joanna said...

That movie scared the crap out of me, but I still love me a cardigan!