Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mayor of Caffeine Town

I don't drink a lot of caffeine, and sometimes I forget that I need to be careful when I do. Usually I just have trouble sleeping when I overdo it, or when I drink caffeine in the afternoon. Well today I really did a number on myself. I got some free energy shot things from CVS, and I had one at 7 am b/c one of my lovely cats decided to wake me up at 4 a.m. And then at 8:30 a.m., I had a craving for a pumpkin spice latte b/c it's still cold and rainy here in Dallas. Mistake!! I was so wired that I felt like my hair was crawling all over my head. I was still wide awake at bedtime. In fact, I only slept for about 3 hours before I woke up again - wide awake, which is why I am updating the blog at 2 am.

What I Wore While My Hair Crawled:

2009-09-16 combo

Today Coco was my outfit twin

  • brown slacks (Lane Bryant)*
  • blue blouse (Old Navy)
  • silk scarf (thrifted, Goodwill)**
  • brown/green earrings (street vendor in Austin)
  • green stone ring (borrowed from Maria)
  • sand dollar necklace (thrifted Goodwill)

*clearly these are way too big now. I hate shopping for pants.

** I've tried wearing this scarf this way before and it always ends up wrinkley. I need to remember that in the future.


Kasmira said...

I adore those pumpkin spice lattes!

And your green ring is so so pretty. Can I borrow it next?

Lola said...

Ugh, I can relate to the over-caffinated feeling. I hardly ever drink soda or coffee anymore, and certainly notice it when I do! Hope you can get some good rest tonight :o)

Also, I'm digging the sand dollar necklace!

eednic said...

pardon my french, but i drink a shit ton of caffeine! (maybe).

i start off my day (on the drive to work) with a diet cherry dr. pepper and have another 1 or 2 sodas throughout the day or like yesterday, 2 giant glasses of black iced tea! Wooooo!!!!!

oddly enough it doesn't affect my sleep much anymore. probably a bad sign!

Brooke said...

You and CoCo are totally outfit twins! I told you you inspired us. :)

I especially like how you have a little bit of red-eye in the outfit picture, which lends a nice air of "I look all pulled together but inside I am CRAZY-CAFFEINATED!" Heh.

Hope you're sleeping better tonight!

Kaylyn said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I am the same way on caffeine. I get all wired and feel weird and am way too hyper for any type of normalcy. You look great while hopped up on coffee. That necklace is so cool!

GeminiJulia said...

Recently found your blog-and I'm definitely enjoying the fact that you have combined both your health efforts & stylistic efforts! Two of my favorite blog reading topics.

Oh--and if you react like that to coffee--might I suggest you don't go to Seattle--I just came back from there & I swear I got caffeinated just walking down the streets.

I look forward to reading more!

Diana said...

I always consume my caffeine in the morning. If I drink any after 12:00pm, I can't fall asleep until 1 or 2am.

Jess said...

Bleh- I hate accidentally over caffeinating. I never realize I've done it until I'm staring at my ceiling in the dark at 4am.

I love your outfit! I like the way the scarf looks :)

Candice said...

I enjoy seeing how you wear your scarves. So how do you tie your scarf when you wear it that way? Does it look all clean in the back too, or is it a bow tie or just tied and hanging. Enjoy your blog! I am on the weight loss path as well. Thanks.

Kari said...

Haha, I was in Caffeine Town this morning too. Usually I don't react to caffeine in tea the way I do coffee, but this morning I was shaking up a storm when I got to work.

Your hair may be crawling, but it is looking GREAT lately!

I love the print on your scarf - so lovely.

Goober said...

I love your shoes - it can be so hard to find cute lower heeled shoes, but these are positively adorable.

And I totally agree with you - I too hate pant shopping. Bleh.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

As I write this I'm currently sitting inside a Starbucks, wondering what to get next...I"m off to try the pumpkin spice latte :)

Tina said...

Kasmira - they really are delish. I'll have Maria put you on the list for the ring. LOL

Lola - thanks! The necklace reminds me of when I used to live by the beach on the east coast and we would find sand dollars.

Cindee - wow! That is a lot of caffeine. I wouldn't sleep for days if I had all that.

Brooke - well it's good to know that my red-eye added to the pic. ha!

Kaylyn - thanks! I have two beach themed necklaces. I need to see if I can wear them together sometime.

Julia - welcome to the blog! Thanks for leaving the coffee. That's funny that you mention Seattle - we thought we would be moving there but just found out this week that we won't be. I guess I ma safe now.

Jess - seriously, is there anything worse than staring at the ceiling when you know you should have been asleep 3 hours ago?

Candice - This time my scarf was just tied in a knot in the back. I just left the ends loose, although they were really short. Even when there are long ends, I just leave them usually. I feel like it gives a little interest to the back of the outfit. Good luck on your weight loss!

Kari - thanks!

Heather - As I am getting older I am really coming to appreciate a nice low heel. Not everything I wear needs to be 4 inches, ya know?

Honeybunches - LOL. I hope you enjoyed the latte!

Work With What You've Got said...

I once drank two pots of coffee. There was a reson, but still. I didnt sleep for dayssssssssssssss.

Tina said...

Erin - yikes! I can't even imagine.