Monday, September 21, 2009

Patriotic Picnic

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "Is it some sort of patriotic holiday that I don't know about? Why are you wearing a flag pin?" My grandfather gave it to me, and I've never worn it since I am not a veteran, but it matched so I thought I would wear it in honor of him. "Well you look like a Fourth of July picnic." Fair enough. I really kinda do. "That's a lot of gingham. I can't believe you were just trying to convince me to put on that shirt to go out to dinner." - without even realizing it, when I was suggesting a shirt for him to put on as we ran out the door to dinner, I suggest a blue gingham shirt. We would have looked like twins. Freaky-matching-engaged twins.

What I Wore Trying to Get The Last Bit of Fun Out of My Summer Clothes:

2009-09-21 combo

  • blue wool skirt (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • red tank (CAbi, thrifted Goodwill)
  • blue gingham blouse (Gap)
  • red gingham scarf (thrifted new, Goodwill)
  • red patent belt (Target)
  • red suede heels (Jessica Simpson, thrifted Goodwill)
  • red screwback earrings (borrowed from Maria)
  • veteran's pin (hand-me-down from Grandpa)

What I Ate While Trying Desperately NOT To Eat the Entire World:

2009-09-21 food

  • breakfast: peanut butter, chocolate, apple oatmeal with quinoa
  • lunch: chicken buddig sandwich, side salad, apple, cheese crackers
  • snack: cheesestick, thinkOrganic bar, 2 large carrots, more cheese crackers
  • dinner: too much bad sushi, seaweed salad, and edamame

What I Did With Sarah Again This Weekend:

2009-09-20 exercise

We had our second hula hooping class on Sunday. This one was even more fun. We learned some tricks! And as you can see, there was blindfolded hooping. Exciting!


Work With What You've Got said...

I am SO JEALOUS that you get to take a class.

At least it was a flattering patriotic outfit, right?

Where was the bad sushi from?

eednic said...

why was the sushi bad? cuz in case you didn't know, i LOVE sushi. i want to marry sushi and have little sushi babies with sushi (not really, i don't want kids). but. yeah! why was it bad? what was wrong with the poor little sushis?

Tina said...

Erin - I think about you every time I go to class or practice on my own. But you know what? I can totally teach you what she teaches me!

Bad sushi was from Sushi Tokyo on Greenville. It was really expensive and really bad. Plus the atmosphere is dismal. AVOID!!

Tina said...

Cindee - some days I want to marry sushi too. It was just really amatuerish. The rice wasn't really cooked enough, nothing had any flavor, the avocado on one of my rolls was mushy like guac, and the list goes on. Plus, everything on their menu was 50% more expensive than everywhere else in Dallas.

Goober said...

I am so jealous - I want to take the hula hoop class and I want to steal that entire outfit - I LOVE it!

Brooke said...

Ha, the outfit assessment is awesome. You do look like a posh Fourth-of-July picnic. This is another outfit my (very stylish) grandmother would have worn in the forties! :)

BAM said...

I was all set to comment about the great shoes, when I was distracted by hula hooping!

That looks like so much fun.

CoCo said...

i. WANT. those. shoes.

hm. i wonder if i can find them on ebay or something. they are AMAZING.

Lesa said...

I love the red shoes! also, you just gave me a craving for sushi!

Kari said...

Oh wow, hula hooping blindfolded! Is it tricky? I'd love to hear more about what you are doing in the class?

Cute patriotic outfit, especially the shoes!

Sheila said...

I would like to try hula hooping! That seems a lot less dangerous than curling.

I love edamame - I buy it frozen, steam it, then add a bit of olive oil, lime juice, sea salt and mint and toss it. So good, and so good for you!