Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vodka Gibsons

Rand requested vodka gibsons to keep in the spirit of the show while we watched Mad Men tonight. Wow that's a strong drink. We stuck with just one over the course of the hour.

What I Wore While Using My Bartending Skills:

2009-09-87 combo

  • dress (thrifted Goodwill)
  • silver/gold/white belt (thrifted new Goodwill)
  • teal suede peeptoes (NY&Co.)
  • green purse (Lancome)
  • green dual tone multi-strand necklace (thrifted Goodwill)
  • cream floral brooch (Ross)
  • faux pearl earrings (??)

What I Ate While Forcing Myself to Eat At Home:

2009-09-08 food

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, alternative bagel, bartlet pear
  • lunch: chicken buddig sandwich, 2 carrots, small apple, yellow grape toms
  • snack: thinkOrganic bar, cheese stick
  • dinner: chicken quesadilla, corn/brocolli/onion/black beans
  • dessert: Mojo bar, vodka gibson

Total for the Day: 29.5 points, 1.5 miles walking


Sheila said...

You look awesome! I love all those shades of blue and green!

Your food looks good - how is it going?

Kari said...

Nice! Sounds like a fun night, and I like how your dress kind of evokes Mad Men style. I could picture Joan dressing similarly in a solid colored version. :)

Brooke said...

Those blues and greens are lovely on you. :)

eednic said...

quesadilla NOM NOM!

love your brooch!! it's gorgeous!

Goober said...

Such pretty jewelry!

Tina said...

Sheila - thanks! It seem to have a good week followed by a mediocre week in an endless cycle. But I am happy to say that the overall progress is in the right direction and it is becoming more natural and less "diet" which is my main goal.

Kari - thanks! I dig Mad Men style!

Brooke - Thanks! Are you back in the country?

Cindee - thanks! Expect a reply to your email this weekend. Sorry for the delay!

Heather - thanks!