Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curled Up on the Couch

The weather has been cooler the last few days and it makes me ready for fall. We're almost there, but not quite. Just a few more weeks.

What I Wore While Dreaming of Fall:

2009-10-07 combo

  • grey skirt (Goodwill) *
  • pink graphic shirt (JCPenny)
  • pink paisley belt (Ross?)
  • purple flats
  • silver circle necklace (Macy's)
  • silver earrings (gift)

* Magnolia - I'm bringing this skirt to Houston for you!

What I Ate After My Egg Broke:

2009-10-07 food

  • breakfast: sausage, egg, cheese croissant (Jason's Deli)
  • lunch: tomato and avocado sandwich, Sunchips (Which Wich)
  • snack: apple pie
  • dinner: tomato garlic soup and grilled cheese, red wine

There was a litle mishap this morning and my egg for my healthy breakfast bit the dust. So of course this was an excuse for sausage. sigh.

Enjoy some twirling...


Honeybunches of Roses said...

I really do love this color pallet on your, very feminine

What a Splurge said...

I love that skirt. How do you find these treasures at Good Will?

Brooke said...

Oooh, love the gray and pink together! And the twirling. Twirly skirts are the best. :)

Kasmira said...

That skirt is so awesome....and you are giving it away?!

I ADORE the kitty pic! Naughty.

hillary said...

That skirt is all kinds of OMG jealous awesome.

Also the kitty KILLS ME ahahaa love it.


MissAmy said...

First of all, I am coveting your skirt! Loves, loves, loves! Second, are those Franco Sarto shoes? I had those same ones in a super dark purple. I loved them but they pinched my toes. Overall - awesome look!!!

Jess said...

I love your shoes! And your kitty- I think she wants some dinner!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i, too, love the skirt! the top, too. great look. and as always, not understanding how you find SUCH cooler stuff than i do at goodwill ;)

eednic said...

yay! i love your twirly skirt and belt and shoes!! not your twirly egg so much, since it broke and all.

Tina said...

Honeybunches - thanks!

What a Splurge - I go to Goodwill on a regular basis. Usually at least once a week on my way home from work. I just pop in for 15 minutes or less. A lot of the time I walk back out empty handed, but by going so frequently, I am much more likely to find things that fit my size and style.

Brooke - agreed. I had to get in on the twirly action.

Kasmira - A friend of mine commented that she would love to wear it, and it's getting a tiny bit big on me. Normally I would just wear it until it was ridiculously too big, but she's such a good friend that I would love to see her in it too. So I'll pass it along.

hillary - that's my kitty Biscuit. She always has to check out my water. YOu should esp see her when Rand reaches over for his water bottle that's on the nightstand. You would think it was full of kitty heroin.

MissAmy - Thanks. Yep, the shoes are Franco Sarto. And they pinch my feet too. They are the most uncomfortable flats I have ever had. But they've gotten better over the years.

Jess - thanks. The cat is after the water. Always. ANd if it has a straw in it, then she steals that.

ThriftyStylist - thanks! Persistance is how I find stuff at Goodwill. After 3 or 4 trips of nothing, I will find something amazing in my size. Or at least something that I can hem and pair with something in my closet for a nice look.

Cindee - thanks! I was bummed about the twirly egg too. Oh well.