Monday, October 19, 2009

Half Day At Home

The Powers That Be came into work today around noon and told us all to go home b/c the cases that we were working on had settled. Since I am a contract employee, that really sucks for my paycheck this week, but I relished my half day at home alone. It's been a long time since I've had some quiet time around the house to bum around, do chores, watch TV, etc. It was great.

What I Wore Before They Sent Me Home:

2009-10-19 combo

  • lavendar and tan floral pencil skirt (Kmart)
  • purple T (via Kohls)
  • camel cardi (Gensis Thrift Store)
  • yellow/brown bead earrings (Goodwill)
  • wooden elephant necklace (a new Rock It Challenge piece from Maria)
  • leopard ponyhair flats (Steve Madden)

What I Ate At Home:

2009-10-19 food

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, bagel, cuties, low cal cider
  • lunch: leftover chicken turned into chicken salad sandwich, leftover green beans, apple, orange grape tomatoes
  • snack: goat cheese and crackers
  • dinner: veggie pizza


Finally, a little movement. Just a little. 1/2 mile walk.


Maria said...

Love the necklace :-)

Sheila said...

I have those shoes (although not the same brand)!

Your pizza looks awesomely tasty!

Work With What You've Got said...

LOVE the roci it challange necklace, and you totally owned it!~

And that pizza looks amazing.

Kari said...

I didn't like that aspect of being a contractor, either. It seems like if they tell you to take off early when you weren't expecting it, you should be paid for the time you were going to work anyway, but it just doesn't happen that way unfortunately.

I love your skirt!

Tina said...

Maria - LOL of course you do.

Sheila - thanks! The pizza is SO GOOD. Here is the recipe We add 2 ounces of non fat feta, and some fresh basil, and we use a Boboli instead of making our own crust.

Erin - thanks! See my reply to Sheila for a link to the recipe for the pizza.

Kari - thanks! And yeah, that would be nice if they paid you, but they don't. Oh well. That' why I work extra hours every week - to build up a surplus for times like this.

Deborah-lee said...

awwww that is the cutest necklace ever!

Kasmira said...

Such a cute necklace! I saw a similar one at a consignment store for $80!