Monday, October 5, 2009


Anyone out there live in Madison, WI? There has been some discussion about moving there, and I would love to hear your opinion.

What I Wore While Chatting on the Phone With an Old Friend:

2009-10-05 combo

  • grey faux wrap skirt (Lane Bryant, Goodwill)
  • pink/red/green dot shell (Nine West)
  • white cardi (Target)
  • green wedges (BCBGirls)
  • bow brooch (via Ross??)
  • pink belt (via Walmart)
  • green earrings and necklace, worn as a bracelet (Sam Moon??)

What I Ate While Almost Burning Dinner:

2009-10-05 food

  • breakfast: banana, chocolate chip, oatmeal muffin; 2 cuties, pumpkin spice coffee
  • lunch: chicken buddig and laughing cow sandwich, snap peas, apple
  • snack: thinkOrganic bar, cheese, another muffin
  • dinner: rosemary garlic chicken, crispy potatoes, roasted brocolli
  • dessert: english toffee crunch ice cream


ShopKim said...

Love the bracelet and the shoes!!

Anonymous said...

got my DVDs in the mail last night -- cant wait to try them out! thanks tina!

i used to have a friend who lived in madison, and the only word i can remember in terms of a descriptor is COLD. not chilly, blustery cold, like it is here in DC, but more of a frostbite-warning-in-the-winter kind of cold. not good for me, but maybe you like cold. :)

Jess said...

We have family in WI- not Madison, but not too far from there I think. It's cold and flat. Seriously- those things stand out like crazy- cold and flat and ALWAYS snowy. Other than those things though, it seems like a nice place!

Becky said...

I love the entire outfit, but especially your bow brooch and wedges! Cute cute cute!

TexNYQueen said...

If you move to Madison will you rent a room out to my friend who's drying to see Green Bay play in Green Bay? He's from San Antonio, so he's a strange one!

But yeah, WI is not just cold, but FREAKING COLD.

haha - word verification: Comal (yeah, a Texas thing).

Beth said...

Madison rocks! A very cool college town with lots happening. And, yes, it's cold!

Goober said...

I love the bracelet and earrings - such a pretty shade of green.

And I must say, your food always looks so delicious and makes me want to eat healthier - so inspiring!

Sher said...

I always enjoy looking at your jewelry :) Love that brooch!

Brooke said...

I love this outfit - so simple and bright. :) Pretty green jewels.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Wisconsinite, with loads of family in Madison. A great, progressive, eclectic town. It is filled with UW-Madison grads who never want to leave. PhD's driving cabs - not because they can't get jobs, but because they love it there so much.

It is not nearly as cold as International Falls, MN. In fact, we consider Madison a warm spot in the state.

And you can't beat a Packer fan or Badger fan for loyalty. We bleed green and gold here in the land of the cheeseheads!

It's a fashionista's haven :)

Love your blog...

magnolia said...

Love the outfit
Please come join the cold
And I am not old - so there

A Shopaholic in Chicago said...

Love the outfit, especially the shoes and your top.

I'm from Chicago (Go Bears), which is a couple of hours from Madsion. Expect cold, but it will be nice change for you. you will actually get real seasons, unlike I hear some of texas doesn't get.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I'm in love with that shell...great, great outfit!

Tina said...

Kim - thanks! The bracelet is actually a necklace that I wrapped around my wrist 3 times.

Sam- great! Let me know if you actually like any of them. :)

Jess - I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little worried about the cold.

Becky - thanks!

LaShaune - haha! I don't think Madison is close enough to Green Bay to be worth it. :)

Beth - I've heard it's a lot like Austin, which I love. That's why we are considering it.

Heather - Thanks! I also find it inspiring to see what other people eat. It makes me think "I can do that" or "I never even thought of eating that. I should try it."

Sher - thanks!

Brooke - thanks!

Anon - thanks for all the info about Madison.

Shawnee - Yeah, how are you surviving the cold? Can a Tx girl do it?

Shopaholic - the seasons sounds so wonderful. All we get here is HOT and not hot.

Honeybunches - thanks! I've had it for ages.

K said...

Im in love with your shoes! They are so perfect

Tina said...

K - thanks! I bought them on a business trip. I didn't really have room for them in my suitcase, but they were too awesome to not buy, esp since they were on 90% off sale.